Fan Edit Puts Video Game Sonic the Hedgehog Into Live-Action Movie Trailer

A fan edit has been released of the trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, replacing the film’s version of the character with a video game-style one. The first official trailer for the film was released a month ago, and was met with such an overwhelmingly negative reaction that the eponymous CGI star is being completely redesigned by the animators, while the release date of the film itself has been pushed back to February 2020 to give the digital artists an extra three months to properly complete their work.

Even from the release of the original motion poster that featured a silhouette of the character, fans were commenting on how wrong the physical shape of Sonic looked. It can only be assumed that producers were confident that people’s doubts would be quelled once they saw the finished creation, something it’s been made abundantly clear they were wrong about, which, to be fair, director Jeff Fowler has held up his hands and admitted. The issues fans cited included the likes of a humanoid physique, separate eyes, furry spikes, and disconcertingly human-like teeth that all uncomfortably pushed the character’s features into uncanny valley territory.

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The edited trailer is the creation of animator Artur Baranov, and was posted to his YouTube channel. It’s exactly the same as the original trailer, except all instances of Sonic now have been swapped out with a version of the character far more recognizable to those familiar with the games. The muscular limbs have been replaced with their uniform pipe shape with oversized hands (also gloved) and feet, the long body is now more squat and rounded, and has a large head dominated by wide eyes spreading across the front of it. All in all, he’s a far more cartoonish creation, and going by the comments on the video is one that’s receiving a far more positive reaction.

Rather than a direct adaptation of any of the games, the film version of Sonic is its own original story and takes place on Earth, dialogue in the trailer heavily implying Sonic is from another planet, along with the early lore of the character having him a native of the planet Mobius. The villainous Dr. Robotnik (the original name for Dr. Eggman in the English-language releases of the games) appears to be human, although retains the mad scientist characteristics with which he was always portrayed, and like his video game counterpart, has a penchant for mechanical and robotic weaponry.

Baranov states the video is “a little rough,” in much the same way any creator is never completely satisfied with their own work, but also wanted to get something out before a new official trailer is released showing the official redesign of the character. His version may not be perfect, but is already a vast improvement on what we’ve already been given. It remains to be seen what the official redesign of Sonic will look like, but if it’s anything like Baranov’s vision for the character, there’s a chance that the movie version of Sonic the Hedgehog might yet be saved.

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Source: Artur Baranov

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