The Sonic Trailer Should Still Be Bothering You

The trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog may have been released months ago, but it is still troubling. The idea of a live-action/CGI-hybrid movie starring Sega's lightning-fast blue hedgehog was almost immediately met with skepticism. Still, with a charming leading man in James Marsden and comedian Ben Schwartz providing the voice of Sonic, there was some optimism that Sonic the Hedgehog could be a surprise.

When the first Sonic trailer dropped earlier this year, it certainly did surprise audiences, just not in a good way. The live-action design of Sonic had previously been teased through various promotional materials, but the complete unveiling of him left many startled by what they saw. The trailer drew criticisms for Sonic's look and the overall tone of the film, but that has all, for the most part, calmed down since. But, maybe it shouldn't have.

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For some reason, Sonic's design was drastically changed from his video game counterpart to make him more human in the movie. He's been given teeth and eyes that resemble humans and not the source material, while the overall proportions of his body changed to reflect this. The reason this looks so strange isn't just because people think they know what a live-action Sonic would look like, but because these changes challenge the uncanny valley as Sonic feels somewhat human but clearly isn't. In a new video from Screen Rant, we explain why these Sonic the Hedgehog changes, and much more about the movie, should still be bothering you.

Following the backlash to the look, the decision was made to give Sonic a redesign to fix the complaints. This resulted in Sonic the Hedgehog being pushed back several months so that the CGI could be properly overhauled and not completely rushed. There's been no sign of what Sonic's new look will be, but even if it is "fixed," there are still significant concerns we have about the movie based on the trailer.

The first piece of marketing for Sonic the Hedgehog is an accurate representation of the story, tone, and characters, even if some of the designs will change. That isn't great news though since the trailer highlighted how the film is just repurposing elements of other movies we've seen before. Jim Carrey's performance, while a highlight of the Sonic trailer, is him going back to how he played characters in the '90s. There's also a ton of cliche moments and references, such as having "Gangster's Paradise" be the song choice for what will likely be a PG, family-friendly movie. Sonic the Hedgehog is clearly a massive nostalgia play that doesn't understand the source material, and we wouldn't bet on that changing even if the lead character's look is improved upon.

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