• Google has a fun Easter egg for Sonic the Hedgehog. 1 / 8

    Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Poster
  • It was released in celebration of the movie's first trailer. 2 / 8

    Sonic The Hedgehog Live Action Movie
  • And it's a throwback to the first game in series. 3 / 8

    Sonic The Hedgehog Live Action Movie
  • After searching 'Sonic the Hedgehog' on Google, a 16-bit version of Sonic appears. 4 / 8

    Sonic 16-bit vertical
  • If left alone, Sonic will tap his toes, waiting... 5 / 8

    Sonic the Hedgehog Live action vertical
  • When clicked, he spins, and you'll hear a classic sound from the game. 6 / 8

  • It's a fun nod to the original series and a quick trip down memory lane. 7 / 8

    Sonic Villain Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik Vertical
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