Son Of Knight Rider Cast

Bruening, like David Hasselhoff was before him, is a soap opera actor. He's jumping from "soap-opera-land" to "TV-remake-probably-going-to-suck-land."

Interestingly (and in a surprisingly smart script move) he's been cast as the son of the original Michael Knight. This is a far better idea than having him replace David Hasselhoff as the same character. I last wrote about the Knight Rider remake about a month ago and I still don't think it's a good idea. No word on whether Hasselhoff will appear on the show, but if the folks behind this have any brains between them they'll try like hell to get him to appear. I'd say that would be good for probably doubling the ratings. I know I'd tune in just to see him play dad to this new guy.

Then again Bionic Woman is doing better than Journeyman as far as ratings, so what do I know?

Source: RopeOfSilicon

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