Someone Great Trailer: Gina Rodriguez Stars In Netflix Rom-Com

Gina Rodriguez stars in the trailer for the Netflix rom-com, Someone Great. The streaming service was largely responsible for the resurgence of the romantic comedy in 2018. Netflix Originals like Set It Up, The Kissing Booth, and To All the Boys I've Loved Before attracted a whole lot of viewers when they premised last year, and the company has since announced that sequels to The Kissing Booth and To All the Boys are in the works. They also have a promising roster of rom-coms lined up for this year, including the YA holiday romance novel adaptation Let It Snow and original films like Someone Great.

Written and directed by Sweet/Vicious creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (making her directorial debut), Someone Great stars Rodriguez as Jenny, an up and coming music journalist from New York City who lands her dream job at a famous magazine based in San Francisco. However, Jenny's boyfriend of nine years (Lakeith Stanfield) doesn't want to leave NYC and isn't interested in a long-distance relationship. As such, the pair call it quits and Jenny attempts to mend her broken heart by enjoying one last adventure in New York with her friends. The movie was announced a year ago, but now has an official release date, to go along with its first-look footage.

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Netflix dropped the Someone Great trailer and poster online today, and confirmed that the movie will become available for streaming next month on Friday, April 19. You can check out the trailer and poster below.

The trailer suggests that, much like Sweet/Vicious, Someone Great focuses on the friendship between women. Obviously, in terms of tone, the rom-com is a far cry from Robinson's acclaimed but short-lived MTV series about two college students who become vigilantes and hunt down sexual assaulters on their campus, but there are shared themes between the pair. Someone Great also boasts a talented cast that, in addition to Jane the Virgin herself, includes the Pitch Perfect trilogy's Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise (Shots Fired) as Jenny's BFFs, Blair and Erin. The latter is far from a stranger to Netflix, having previously starred in their Spike Lee TV series She's Gotta Have It. Similarly, Rodriguez lends her voice to Netflix's animated Carmen Sandiego series and Stanfield played L in the company's live-action Death Note movie adaptation.

Indeed, a growing number of actors, writers, and/or filmmakers have begun working with Netflix over and over again, and with fair reason. The company is not only known for allowing storytellers more creative freedom than other studios do, but they've also been willing to invest in mid-range budget genre fare (like rom-coms) that Hollywood has mostly abandoned over the last ten years. A project like Someone Great would've undoubtedly struggled to get funding elsewhere for that very reason, and seems like the perfect addition to Netflix's growing library of modern romantic comedies. Here's hoping the film lives up to its potential on paper.

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