Solomon Kane Trailer Makes Evil Pay

Today we have the first official trailer for Solomon Kane, a fantasy adventure film loaded with action, produced by Davis Films. It stars James Purefoy (Rome, The Philanthropist) as the puritan warrior with blades on a quest to vanquish evil from the earth during the 16th century.

We've mentioned it a couple of times before but there are some good movies coming soon that have no US distributors yet. One of those films is Solomon Kane. Screen Rant reported on the footage from San Diego Comic-Con shown for Solomon Kane at their presentation and it looked great. Then, we got a look at some new stills, and those too were good. Now, IGN has an exclusive trailer for Solomon Kane which you can check out below.

The trailer is the Red Band version so prepare for violence...

Based on the books by author Robert E. Howard (Conan) and directed by Michael Bassett (Wilderness), Solomon Kane has a very distinct Lord of the Rings meets Van Helsing feel to it with action reminiscent of Gladiator. And so it should because Howard is considered to be a major influence in fantasy writing during the 1920's which puts his writing a few years ahead of Tolkien.

I like the look of Solomon Kane so far, and the imagery is very nice but some parts feel a little on the cheesy side. Some examples of this are when Kane kicks up his swords to fight with them, Kane telling the bad guys if he kills them he is going to hell, and the "final" demon battle where he says "Come on." That being said, it looks significantly better than Van Helsing and hopefully it will be more fun as well.

This film is the first of a proposed trilogy so hopefully it banks some nice coin so we can see more Kane on his adventures around the world. Is this movie something you want to check out?

Solomon Kane premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival next week and hopefully that will lead to a North American Distributor picking it up.

Solomon Kane currently has no evil-ass-kicking date in the US.

Source: IGN

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