Solomon Kane Movie Update

A film that seems to have snuck under the Screen Rant radar is Solomon Kane. The film is just about to start filming in Prague and it is directed by Michael J Bassett.

For those who don't know, Solomon Kane was created by Robert E Howard, the man behind Conan. Bassett has written on his official site:

"Solomon Kane is a dark, serious, epic fantasy action adventure based on the character from Robert E. Howard's collection of stories ' The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane'. Kane is a heroic righter-of-wrongs in the 16th century. He's a stern and ferocious hero who absolutely believes his job is to do what is right in a corrupt and evil world."

The cast is just starting to fall into place, with Rome star James Purefoy already signed on for the title role.

This week the cast has been bulked out with acting legend Max Von Sydow, Pete Postlethwaite, Alice Krige and MacKenzie Crook.

If done right this could be The Lord of the Rings meets Errol Flynn. If done wrong we could have Van Helsing 2 on our hands.

I do however have faith in Bassett following his interesting Deathwatch which starred Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis. Although the film had its flaws, it was still an impressive debut director Michael Basset.

Sources: Dread Central & Michael Bassett

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