New Solomon Kane Clip Shows Off Hellish Monsters

It's definitely going to be a slow day around here (Christmas Eve and all) but we do have a couple of new Solomon Kane videos to share with you (plus the trailer and other clips as well if you haven't seen them already). Solomon Kane is looking to be a throwback to the 80s adventure/action films with plenty of blood, dirt and a gritty feel.

What we have that's new is a video on the creation of the creatures in the film, plus a look at Kane and his man mounting an assault on a castle.

Check them out below:


While you can never really tell from clips and trailers whether the final film will actually be great, I'm looking forward to this one myself. Solomon Kane is scheduled to open sometime in January, but there's not concrete date set as of today (Dec 24). I'd say they'd better get busy locking in a release date!

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