New Report Suggests Solo Trailer At Super Bowl After All

A new report suggests the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story will debut during the Super Bowl this weekend, despite previous reports to the contrary. When Lucasfilm booted directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the project last summer, it was believed that the studio would delay the movie to December (it's the only Star Wars movie releasing in May, not December), but they didn't. Instead, they quickly hired Ron Howard, who shepherded the film through the rest of production.

The Han Solo origin film was officially titled Solo: A Star Wars Story in October (when Solo's production wrapped), and it was believed that the first trailer for the film would debut ahead of Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December. But Lucasfilm missed that opportunity. Then, they continued holding back virtually all marketing materials for the film, barring a teaser poster that displays the movie's title and logo. And so far, they've elected only to show Solo footage at industry events in France and Germany. Meanwhile, audiences are anxiously awaiting their first look (or any look) at the movie. And it seems like that might finally happen during this weekend's big game.

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THR reports that industry insiders expect Solo's first teaser trailer (or some form of official marketing) to air during Super Bowl LII on Sunday, February 4. Lucasfilm hasn't confirmed the report (and they probably won't), but it's possible that a short teaser may be shown during the Super Bowl with Solo's full-length trailer airing during the Winter Olympics sometime next month.

Rumors about Solo's trailer debut first sprung up at the start of the new year. It was believed that ABC's Good Morning America would screen the first teaser, just as Lucasfilm - under the leadership of Walt Disney Studios, of course - had done with trailers for their past Star Wars movies, which allowed them to capitalize on corporate synergy. But that rumor was later refuted. And that refutation only exacerbated concerns over the movie's quality, something that has become linked to Lucasfilm's lack of promotion for Solo. Still, it's only a matter of time before the first trailer arrives, which is now expected to come during the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest televised events in the U.S., and it presents studios with a unique opportunity to promote their products to a wide audience base that ranges from young children to retirees. While Disney and various other studios typically promote movies during the event, Solo's trailer release would mark the first time that they've promoted a Star Wars film since taking ownership of Lucasfilm. Given how little time there is between now and Solo: A Star Wars Story's release date, though, they don't have much of a choice anymore.

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Source: THR

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