Breaking Down Solo: A Star Wars Story's Villain Plots

Solo A Star Wars Story Villain Twist

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Solo: A Star Wars Story


Solo: A Star War Story features some surprising villain twists, from the identity of the pirate Enfys Nest to the return of Darth Maul as the leader of Crimson Dawn. Loyalties change quickly in the final act: Enfys Nest turns out to be a rebellion forerunner, Han tries to trick Dryden Vos, Beckett turns on Han and Vos, Qi'ra kills Vos, Han kills Beckett, Qi'ra turns on Han and forges a surprising alliance with Darth Maul... In the end, it turns out that Beckett was right to tell Han to trust no one. Everyone betrays and is betrayed by everyone else - except for Han and Chewbacca, that is. SoloA Star Wars Story shows that Han is changed forever: this is when Han learns that sometimes the person who you thought was your enemy is your friend and the person you thought was your friend is your enemy.

Here's a recap of the major twists regarding the films' many antagonists. As the heist draws to a close, there are no longer heroes and villains, there is only every man and woman for themselves.

Enfys Nest

Enfys Nest's band of pirates chases after Beckett's crew on Vandor-1 and later on Savareen in order to intercept the coaxium they have stolen for Crimson Dawn. However, in a surprising twist, the pirate has more lofty goals than simply making money. Enfys Nest, pleading with her opponents, removes her mask and reveals herself to be a resistance fighter against the Galactic Empire and their allies, like Crimson Dawn. Nest wants to use the coaxium to start the Rebel Alliance, and after hearing her speak, Han becomes inclined to give her their illegal cargo. Beckett points out that if they don't give the coaxium to Dryden Vos, then the Crimson Dawn will kill them, but Han assures Beckett that he has a plan.

Enfys Nest was originally presented as a ruthless, unscrupulous, and faceless villain who spoke with a distorted voice. To see her passionate and vulnerable as she described how the Empire and Crimson Dawn had destroyed villages and ordinary people was a surprising change of pace and a genuine twist. It also helps to explain the confusion around the character's gender and who was playing the character (Nest is played by actress Erin Kellyman.).

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Crimson Dawn

Paul Bettany as Dryden Vos in Solo A Star Wars Story

Beckett flees for his life, telling Han that the plan will never work. Han and Qi'ra take the coaxium to Dryden Vos, and he confronts them, saying that he knows that they are trying to con him with fake coaxium. While Han initially believes that Qi'ra has betrayed him, Vos invites Beckett to join them from the other room. Yes, Beckett has sold out Han. Vos already knew that Han and Qi'ra planned to betray him, even before they set foot in his yacht.

Vos seems to have the upper hand as his troops seemingly overrun Nest's pirate crew. Vos threatens Qi'ra, clearly considering the best way to kill her and Han. Meanwhile, Beckett taunts Han, saying that he should have listened to him; earlier in the film, Beckett told Han, "Assume everyone will betray you and you will never be disappointed."

As it turns out, however, Han was counting on Beckett to betray him. Villagers had disguised themselves as Enfys Nest's pirates, but Nest and her comrades haven't been captured at all. They spring into action, killing all of Vos' troops in a surprise assault.

Beckett's betrayal of Han may seem more inevitable than surprising, but Han also assumes when Vos tells him that he has an informant that Qi'ra has betrayed him. Beckett could have easily laid low and pretended to be dead, giving him the perfect alibi to go into retirement. It proves that Beckett could never really retire, even though he claims that every job is his "last" job.

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