New Solo: A Star Wars Story Images Give Best Look At Villain

A couple of new images from Solo: A Star Wars Story have been revealed, giving fans their best look at Paul Bettany's Dryden Vos. With the spinoff's release just over a month away, Lucasfilm has been ramping up their marketing efforts the past week. Viewers have been treated to plenty of fresh footage thanks to the full theatrical trailer and a TV spot that focused heavily on Han's dynamic with Chewbacca. This past weekend also saw the unveiling of the first wave of Solo merchandise, including Hasbro toys and collectible Funko Pop figures. Still, with all that's come out recently, there are still plenty of mysteries about the film.

Chief among those secrets are the villains of the piece. We know the helmeted Enfys Nest, leader of the Cloud-Rider gang, will be an antagonist, but she may not be the big bad. That distinction could fall to Dryden Vos, the "big shot gangster" referenced in promotion. Dryden is the one who orchestrates the Conveyex heist that's at the heart of the film, hiring a team assembled by Tobias Beckett for the job. Both Vos and that set piece are highlighted in the latest images from the movie.

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Empire released the photos as exclusives today, signaling the beginning of their Solo coverage. In the first one, audiences get a clear shot of Dryden, who was glimpsed at in the trailer. Alden Ehrenreich's Han is the focus of the second picture, as the aspiring smuggler dangles precariously from the Conveyex. You can check them out in the space below:

It's impossible to miss the Mandalorian armor that's in the Vos image. Last year when director Ron Howard shared a set photo of himself and Bettany, that suit seemed to be in the background, heavily blurred out, causing some to believe it was famous Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett. Seeing the costume now in full clarity should resolve any confusion that came about. That is not Boba's armor, though it definitely is Mandalorian (one of several potential references they'll get in Solo). It looks like Dryden's establishment could be a museum of some kind, where he displays various items from around the galaxy. Perhaps someone stole that armor for Dryden on a different job and it's a prized possession.

The Conveyex continues to be a big part of advertising, and it looks like this will be the big action sequence of Solo. Co-writer Jon Kasdan explained his thought process behind it to Empire, telling the outlet they had to come up with "new, innovative kinds of action we haven't seen in Star Wars." A train heist certainly fits that bill, and this should help Solo feel like a fresh and exciting addition to the franchise. With Lucasfilm now in the business of annual movie releases, the filmmakers constantly have to bring different ideas to the table to combat franchise fatigue. We've never seen an all-out caper in the Star Wars universe (Rogue One had elements, but was a war picture), so it should be fun to watch the Conveyex scene play out.

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Source: Empire [2]

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