Unanswered Questions From Solo: A Star Wars Story

Why Is The Empire Using Crime Syndicates To Smuggle Coaxium?

Solo has plenty of villains. The film is about criminals pulling heists and doublecrossing each other as they reveal their true allegiances, and naturally, some of the details can leave fans a bit confused. Overall, Tobias Beckett and his crew, which later includes Han, Chewie, Qi'ra, Lando, and L3-37 when they heist Coaxium from the Kessel mining colony, work for Dryden Vos, who runs Crimson Dawn. During the Beckett crew's failed train heist on Vandor, they attempt to steal Coaxium from the Empire, which sends droids to protect the cargo from both Beckett's gang and the marauders called the Cloud Riders led by Enfys Nest.

However, later on Savareen, when Enfys unmasks and reveals that the Cloud Riders are actually a proto-Rebel force fighting the Empire, she indicates the Imperials work with the syndicates like Crimson Dawn. If that is indeed the case, why would the Empire choose to work with the underworld, especially to steal hyperfuel? In Rogue One, the Empire clearly uses their overwhelming military might to take Kyber crystals from Jedha.

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Potential answers to these questions are that the Empire is still in its early years, hence the drive for recruits. They are still a ways away from having the massive fleet fans saw in the Original Trilogy. It's also possible the Empire is working with the syndicates to accomplish different kinds of shadowy goals. But if the Empire is in bed with Crimson Dawn, why did Vos ask Beckett to steal Coaxium from the Imperials on Vandor?

Why Does Crimson Dawn Work For Darth Maul?

The appearance of Darth Maul, alive and well, at the end of Solo was the film's biggest surprise. The reveal that the Sith Lord is the superior whom Dryden Vos answered to creates a slew of new burning questions. Is Maul the true leader of Crimson Dawn, or were Vos - and now Qi'ra - the syndicate's crime lord but under the thrall of the Dathomirian Zabrak? What is his greater agenda, and what are Maul's true goals for Qi'ra and Crimson Dawn?

The tale of Darth Maul's survival and path back to power is told in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. After cheating death in The Phantom Menace, the tattooed Dark Side disciple was last seen building a criminal coalition called the Shadow Collective before he was exiled. Later, in Star Wars: Rebels, which is set years after the events of Solo, Maul resurfaces again. However, Darth Maul giving Crimson Dawn their marching orders in Solo is definitely a surprise for fans and leaves us wondering the hows, whys, and what's next?

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What Was Really Going On Between Lando and L3-37?

Donald Glover is Lando Calrissian and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is L3-37 in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY.

This can truthfully be filed under the category of "We don't really need to know all the details," but there was clearly something more between Lando Calrissian and his co-pilot L3-37 than just the usual working relationship between human and droid. L3 even alludes to Qi'ra about "how it works" between her and Lando when they had a bit of girl talk aboard the Millennium Falcon. For his part, Lando may be very open in regards to his sexuality, but he clearly had deep feelings for L3, which he displayed when she was destroyed by blaster fire on Kessel. Fans who need to know more can find the backstory between Lando and L3 in the upcoming 5-issue Marvel Comics series Lando: Double or Nothing, which is set immediately before the events of Solo.

Why Aren't Han and Chewie Going To Find Chewie's Family?

Solo's ending sees Han and Chewbacca piloting their newly-won Millennium Falcon, which has been rebuilt from the damage it took during the Kessel Run. They decide to go to Tatooine to see about a job with the Hutt Cartel. Why didn't they instead attempt to reunite Chewbacca with his long-lost family?

While Han and Chewie heading to Tatooine both sets up a sequel and winks at Han's future employment with Jabba the Hutt that results in the gangster putting a price on his head, it's also a weird choice. After all, Han is aware of Chewie's history and how he was forcibly separated from his loved ones. Han's driving ambition earlier in the film was to reunite with Qi'ra and his Wookiee friend stood beside him through every ordeal. Chewbacca deserves a chance for a reunion with his tribe, just like Han got. Why didn't Chewbacca suggest, or Han offer, to take their new ship and do the Wookiee a solid? Jabba can wait.

How Do You Actually Play Sabacc?

Since games of sabacc twice decided the ownership of the Millennium Falcon, which ended up affecting the fate of the galaxy, it would have been helpful if Solo imparted the rules. Instead, fans merely watched as Han and Lando sat across a table from each other, surrounded by aliens also playing, and betting huge sums of money as well as the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. Sabacc seems to resemble poker, but lacking any explanation of even the basics of how the game is played (besides that the green card hidden in Lando's sleeve is a trump card), fans were left to the reactions of the players and onlookers like Qi'ra to figure out which hands were the winning hands. After all, even Harry Potter explained the rules of Quiddich (even if they didn't always make sense). Solo could have at least done the same for Sabacc.

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