Official Solo Soundtrack Listing Reveals Major Trailer Misdirect

The official track listing for the Solo: A Star Wars Story score gives fans their clearest idea of a plot progression, hinting at major misdirection taking place in the trailers. For a while, a centerpiece of promotion has been Tobias Beckett referencing a "big shot gangster" (Dryden Vos) organizing a team for a notable score. If the advertising materials are to be believed, the job in question is that of the Conveyex heist - the train robbery sequence that's been painted as the grand finale. But, as always, marketing can be a little misleading.

Even though we've known the various planets depicted in Solo for some time, it's been difficult to piece together a basic story structure based on the footage released. While many assumed we'd have to wait until the film's premiere to see how all the pieces fall into place, a surprise reveal of the soundtrack's song titles seems to provide a basic outline of what we can expect when the spinoff debuts later this month.

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Shared by composer John Powell (who wrote the Solo score) on Instagram, there are 20 tracks on the album, including the original Han Solo theme written by John Williams. The names of these tunes are sure to capture the attention of fans, since typically Star Wars soundtracks play roughly in chronological order. Note the placement of "Train Heist."

This implies the Conveyex heist takes place much earlier in the film than initially thought, acting more as something Beckett strung together with his crew than the big ending. Considering Enfys Nest and the Cloud-Riders show up to make things difficult for the criminals, it's possible this heist fails, making them even more desperate. Judging by the track list, it appears Dryden's job that Beckett heard about takes place on Kessel ("Mine Mission"), where the ensemble will likely be smuggling some spice. In the full trailer, Qi'ra connects Han and company with Lando Calrissian so they can get the fast ship they need. Since the Kessel Run likely comes into play at some point, the Millennium Falcon would be quite useful. Other song names, like "Reminiscence Therapy" and "Good Thing You Were Listening" sound like very specific references to dialogue that won't be fully understood until the movie comes out.

What makes the timing of this curious is that Lucasfilm has earned a reputation over the past few years for keeping plot details close to the chest. Previously, the soundtrack listings were held back until release day in an effort to prevent spoilers from spreading. Why the strategy was different for Solo is a mystery that may never be solved, but there fortunately aren't any twists ruined here (like when "Qui-Gon's Noble End" appeared on the Phantom Menace disc). Savvy viewers may have an inclination about where things are going, but most of the titles are vague enough to be safe.

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Source: John Powell

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