Star Wars: The Summer Belongs To Solo In New TV Spot

The latest TV spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story drums up excitement for the film by spotlighting its positive reviews. Now that the spinoff has held is world premiere and the first reactions are in, everyone involved can breathe a collective sigh of relief. While the Solo consensus isn't as enthusiastic as its three predecessors in Lucasfilm's Disney era, most are in agreement that despite the infamous production woes, the film still delivers a solidly entertaining origin story for Han thanks to strong performances from the ensemble. All things considered, it could have been much worse.

General audiences still have a week before they can see Solo, so the studio is going to use that time to put together one final marketing blitz in an effort to boost the already high box office tracking. One of the benefits of the review embargo lifting so early is it allows the promotional team to use some strategically-selected snippets for new materials to get audiences excited. That's the goal of the freshest advertisement, which you can watch in the space above.

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Consisting primarily of recycled footage, the spot relies on the words of film critics to sell Solo. Funnily enough, it leans heavily on two reviews in particular for pull quotes, but it does offer a large enough sample size to accurately claim the prequel is a good movie. The shot of the Millennium Falcon flying towards a desert landscape contains a plethora of outlet logos, presumably ones that have given Solo a positive write-up. As of this writing, the film has a 71% score on Rotten Tomatoes with 110 reviews counted.

Reviews for Solo indicate that while the spinoff isn't particularly challenging, it does succeed at being a fun heist movie in the galaxy far, far away. Arguably, that's exactly what the franchise needs at this point in time. Following the toxic and impassioned debates about The Last Jedi, it's probably for the best the next Star Wars film on the docket is a relatively straightforward throwback that has no higher ambition than to delight its audience. Obviously, there will be those who love it and hate it, but most pundits fall within the middle ground of Solo being "fine." It'll be interesting to see how the general public reacts once the prequel hits theaters, but Solo should be a little easier to digest than Episode VIII for both newcomers and longtime fans.

Buoyed by generally positive word-of-mouth, Solo is also poised to be one of the biggest commercial hits of the summer. Box office estimates indicate it will break the Memorial Day opening weekend record, which would be quite the accomplishment for a movie once rumored to be a proper bomb. Hopefully any potential Solo sequels move along more smoothly, but odds are nobody at Lucasfilm is going to argue with these results.

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