Mark Hamill Praises Solo: A Star Wars Story

Mark Hamill has offered his glowing review of Solo: A Star Wars Story on social media, exclaiming he can’t wait to watch the film again. All eyes were on the spinoff’s world premiere the night of May 10, as it brought with it the first wave of verdicts for Ron Howard’s film. In the months leading up to Solo, many have expressed concern over its potential quality due to the infamous production issues that occurred last year, but fortunately it looks like that is water under the bridge.

After the screening, the general consensus that emerged indicated Solo was an entertaining ride through the galactic underworld, powered by strong performances from its ensemble cast. While there are a few common gripes (a slow moving first act chief among them), most are in agreement that Solo overcame its adversity and is a worthwhile addition to the Star Wars franchise. One of the many who enjoyed the film is none other than Hamill, the series legend who played Luke Skywalker five times.

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The actor was one of many special guests who attended Solo’s premiere in Los Angeles. Taking to Twitter, Hamill gave the film a ringing endorsement, giving it a thumbs up and using the hashtag #SoHighFromSolo. Check out his post in the space below:

It’s safe to say Hamill is a big fan of the Star Wars anthologies, as he previously raved about Rogue One after seeing the 2016 installment. Like many, Hamill likes that the spinoffs broaden the overall mythology while operating as self-contained stories that offer audiences different types of adventures in the galaxy far, far away. Lucasfilm isn’t slowing down their cash cow any time soon, so it’s vital that they continuously keep things fresh so each experience is special. In the case of Solo, it drew heavily from heist and gangster pictures, diving head first into a corner of the universe that was only touched upon in the saga films. Howard still maintained the classic Star Wars spirit, just in a way that hadn’t been done before.

Some may find Hamill’s promise of “NO SPOILERS” amusing since the actor let slip that fellow Star Wars icon Anthony Daniels has a role in Solo (information that was not publicly revealed during marketing). In the grand scheme of things, however, Daniels’ cameo is just a fun Easter egg and not a crucial plot detail or twist. Hamill knows better than anyone that loose lips sink starships, so he’s going to keep all of Solo’s greatest secrets to himself for another couple of weeks.

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