Solo: A Star Wars Story Toys May Reveal The Film's MacGuffin

At the center of Solo: A Star Wars Story is a heist, and we may now know what the payload is. Long before Han Solo and Chewbacca were heroes of the Rebellion, they were a dynamic duo looking to break through in the galaxy's criminal underworld. For Han, a golden opportunity comes when he finds himself under the wing of Tobias Beckett, a Long John Silver type who's desperate for a big score. Beckett is the one who catches word of a big job for kingpin Dryden Vos, which by all accounts involves robbing the Conveyex - the train-like vehicle heavily featured in promotion.

Of course, if there's a heist, it means there's a target involved. Both Solo trailers have downplayed this element of the movie, but it looks like the same cannot be said of the tie-in toys. With the first wave of Solo products about to hit stores, fans are going to be analyzing the merchandise for more plot clues, and details have been revealed.

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Star Wars News Net did some investigating and noticed one of the cards for Hasbro's Solo card game is labeled "coaxium," which is the first time we've heard this term associated with the film. The coaxium card is part of the vehicle group, which is fitting because it appears to have something to do with the Millennium Falcon. Hasbro's new Kessel Run Millennium Falcon toy includes removable coaxium containers that Han can carry from place to place. While it's difficult to say for sure, it's very plausible coxium is what Beckett's crew is trying to steal for Vos. Lucasfilm probably won't unveil coaxium's purpose until the movie actually comes out, but it could be a valuable resource that may even improve the performance of starships. It'll be interesting if more about the heist is revealed over the next month.

Whatever the haul of the heist is, we know Chewbacca will be along for the wild ride. Solo will show how Han formed his lifelong friendship with the Wookiee co-pilot, though it doesn't sound like they'll be best buds from the start. USA Today posted a new image of Han and Chewie (see it above), and also included a quote from Alden Ehrenreich, where the actor said the two characters "butt heads a little bit" due to their strong personalities. Obviously, viewers know Han and Chewie grow to love each other as family, but it should still be fun to see their first moments together and how their dynamic evolves to what we see in the original trilogy. If executed properly, it should add plenty of heart and emotional resonance to their interactions in the saga films.

Now that we're in the thick of Solo marketing, the conversation surrounding the spinoff is trending in a much more positive direction. Yes, there are viewers who remain unconvinced the prequel will be a worthy addition to Star Wars canon, but the general consensus seems to be that Solo looks good based on the trailers and should be a fun time at the movies. It remains to be seen what the reviews will say, though early box office tracking indicates it'll have a strong opening weekend and be another triumph for Lucasfilm.

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Source: SWNN, USA Today

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