Bossk is a MUST For Han Solo Sequel if Jonathan Kasdan is Involved

Exclusive: Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jonathan Kasdan tells us bounty hunter Bossk would be part of the sequel if it's ever made.

Solo: A Star Wars Story co-writer Jonathan Kasdan says if the spinoff ever gets a sequel, bounty hunter Bossk will definitely be a part of it. It's telling how far along the conversation surrounding this month's film has come that the creative team is actively discussing ideas for followups. There was a point in time when some were convinced Solo was going to be Lucasfilm's first proper disappointment of their Disney era. In the aftermath of the unprecedented director switch and concerns about acting coaches, numerous red flags were raised. However, things are in a much better place now.

With just over a week until Solo reaches theaters (as of this writing), the film is projected to break the Memorial Day opening weekend record. Additionally, the first wave of reactions following the world premiere were positive, with critics praising the entertaining story and strong cast. If things keep trending in this direction, Lucasfilm may be inclined to pick up the sequel options on Alden Ehrenreich's contract. In the event that does happen, Kasdan knows one character he'd like to bring back to the fold.

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In an interview with Screen Rant at the Solo press junket, Kasdan discussed some of the film's references to Star Wars lore and proclaimed his love for Bossk:

"I was trying to get them in the movie, you know, very hard. And I think that if there's ever another one of these, you're going to have to either kill me or Bossk will be in it."

Bossk in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

Bossk was one of the many bounty hunters Darth Vader gathered in The Empire Strikes Back to track down the Millennium Falcon. Though his appearances in the original trilogy were brief, the character has been fleshed out in other areas of canon, most notably the Clone Wars animated series where he helped mentor a young Boba Fett. In true mercenary fashion, Bossk has been depicted playing both sides of the conflict. For instance, in the novel Ezra's Gamble, the Trandoshan teamed up with Ezra Bridger to stop corrupt Imperial officials. If Bossk was featured in Solo 2, he wouldn't necessarily have to be a villain. Kasdan (or whoever writes it) can craft a more interesting portrayal.

Since Solo's main narrative is still under relative lock and key, it's difficult to say how Bossk would factor into a sequel, though there are some distinct possibilities. The bounty hunter is perhaps best known for hunting Wookiees, which would clearly put him at odds with Chewbacca. Han frequently finds himself in hot water with the wrong people, so the aspiring smuggler could find a price on his head and be in Bossk's crosshairs. But with Lucasfilm looking past the Skywalker saga for their future endeavors, it remains to be seen if a second Solo film is made.

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