Newest Solo: A Star Wars Story Clip Confirms Plot Details

A newly released clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story depicts Han crossing paths with criminals Tobias Beckett and Val, looking for a piece of their latest score. In contrast from previous films in the franchise, which focus on a war between good and evil, Solo takes viewers into the galactic underworld and operates more as a gangster picture than anything else. The narrative sees a young, idealistic Han Solo look to make a name for himself amongst the universe's unsavory types. He finds himself under the wing of Beckett, a Long John Silver type who's frequently unlucky.

Mentor/mentee relationships have been a part of Star Wars from the beginning, so it'll be interesting to see how Han and Beckett's dynamic unfolds over the course of the film. In the beginning at least, they're going to be somewhat at odds with each other, as evidenced by the latest bit of footage Lucasfilm unveiled.

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Woody Harrelson, who plays Beckett, was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Solo. During his segment, a brief clip was shown. In it, Val (Thandie Newton) and Beckett are planning the next steps of their mission when Han buts in and asks for a spot on the team. The two veteran thieves don't take kindly to Solo's offer and debate the most efficient way to kill him. It sounds like this trio bumps into each other during the Battle of Mimban, judging by Beckett's reaction to seeing Han in the aftermath of the fight.

UPDATE: Lucasfilm released two more clips from Solo, which are essentially extended versions of TV spots. In the first, Chewbacca learns Dejarik lessons from Beckett, and in the second Han meets Lando for the first time.

The Kimmel clip confirms Beckett and Val are in Imperial disguises when they're on Mimban, as they try to remain undetected. Portions of this scene have been showcased in other marketing materials, including a behind-the-scenes featurette. By all accounts, this sequence ends with Han making a case for why he'd be valuable to Beckett and tagging along. Alden Ehrenreich once again looks great as Han, giving fans a good idea of what his version will be like. The classic spirit of the character is there, but he's definitely more eager and wide-eyed than the Han from the Skywalker saga. Much like Luke Skywalker and Rey before him, young Han may not fully grasp the ramifications of his life choices until much later.

Whatever Han does on Mimban, it earns him the respect of Beckett and Val, seeing that he accompanies them to Vandor for the Conveyex heist and later teams with Beckett for Dryden Vos' mysterious Kessel mission. Particularly in Beckett, it looks like Han is finding the parental figure he needs, only this is far from a stable family unit. Regardless, this group should be fun to watch in action when Solo opens later this month.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live 

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