New Solo: A Star Wars Story Clip Debunks Fan Theory

The latest released clip from Solo: A Star Wars Story finally shines a light on villain Enfys Nest, debunking a key fan theory in the process. Even by Lucasfilm's standards, the studio has been quite secretive when it comes to this particular character. An actor for the role was never officially announced, which led some to believe there was some kind of major plot twist involving Enfys. After all, Lucasfilm is a well-oiled machine, and they wouldn't hold Enfys back to this extent without good reason. Coupled with the fact Nest is allegedly a woman, viewers thought they had things figured out.

Solo hasn't been subject to as much fervent speculation as The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi, but a few hypotheses have popped up. One of the more notable theories is that mysterious femme fatale Qi'ra (played by Emilia Clarke) is actually Enfys Nest in disguise - a reveal that would break the heart of the idealistic Han. But based on this new bit of footage, Lucasfilm has clearly disproven the theory.

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Lucasfilm released a new clip from Solo, which you can watch above. It fleshes out one of the scenes from the trailers, where Han and Enfys engage in a Western-style stand-off. As you can see, Solo is with Chewbacca, Beckett, and Qi'ra during this confrontation, so this is confirmation Qi'ra and Enfys are two completely different people.

The clip is also a nice showcase for Ehrenreich as marketing continues to showcase the actor's grasping of Han's trademark traits and qualities. Solo's bluff as he tries to intimidate Enfys is very fitting of the character, illustrating the combination of Ehrenreich's performance and the screenplay by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan should lead to an entertaining and interesting portrayal of the smuggler. It goes without saying that Ehrenreich is going to be under intense scrutiny as he takes over the role from Harrison Ford, but so far there have been no obvious red flags raised with his interpretation. If anything, the full trailer and TV spots have helped win some of the skeptics over. Ehrenreich is certainly channeling the spirit of Han Solo.

Circling back to Enfys Nest, the mystery about her (or is it him?) remains intact for the time being. Since the character is not Qi'ra's alter-ego, one has to wonder why exactly Lucasfilm has played things so close to the chest here. They seem to be setting themselves up for some backlash, but minimizing Enfys' role in promotion may have actually been smart. It's a way of telling the audience Nest isn't all that important to the grand scheme of things and is more of a side threat our "heroes" will face than someone moviegoers should be invested in. The studio received criticism for the handling of Captain Phasma (a lynchpin of Force Awakens advertising), so perhaps lessons have been learned.

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