Solo Home Video Trailer Reveals Cut Lord & Miller Scene

Lord and Miller Solo Deleted Scene

Lucasfilm has released their first video advertising the home release of Solo: A Star Wars Story - and it features a deleted scene filmed by fired directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. It was recently revealed that Blu-ray and 4K discs will go on sale on September 25, 2018, with the digital release likely to be a couple of weeks earlier.

Solo's production was a troubled one, with Lord and Miller fired late in principal production due to still-uncertain "creative differences." That led to Lucasfilm bringing in Ron Howard to conduct extensive fixes; he reshot "nearly all" the movie for "twice the budget." Lord and Miller have a strong fan-following, and there's a real interest in working out just what the original version of the Han Solo movie looked like.

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In the trailer, we get a glimpse of one: at the end of the promo, there's a shot where Han throws a snowball at Chewie before running away before the Wookiee can get payback. From everything known, this is part of Lord and Miller's time on the movie.

In May 2017, the Solo: A Star Wars Story cast and crew headed out to the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. They set up camp in the charming ski town Misurina, known as the "pearl of the Dolomites," and were flown by helicopter up into the mountains. The snowy environment became the icy world of Vandor, a cold frontier planet in the Mid-Rim. This was the world where Tobias Beckett attempted to carry out a heist from an Imperial conveyex train.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Alden Ehrenreich remembered that the cast often wound up sitting around in the snow, and Woody Harrelson would get bored and start snowball fights. According to Ehrenreich, Lord and Miller quite liked the idea. "They said, 'Why don't we make this a scene in the film?' and we shot it with me and Chewie and Woody having this snowball fight – that was pretty awesome." The brief clip in the video is clearly lifted from this snowball fight idea, indicating it comes from the duo.

We'll get to see the full scene when Solo releases on home video - it's one of the confirmed deleted scenes - but from the short clip it's fair to say it lines up with Lord and Miller's trademark improv style, and definitely suggests the kind of "screwball humor" that's been described as a trademark of the Lord and Miller cut.

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Right now, it's unclear whether the other deleted scenes - which mostly focus on Han's childhood - will be from Lord and Miller or Howard's time on the film, although it's likely to be the latter. Indeed, that such a knockabout, comedic scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story will be released (remember that the beat takes place shortly after Val's death) is surprising on its own.

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