Jonathan Kasdan Wants to See a Lando Film (With Lobot Of Course)

One of the screenwriters of Solo: A Star Wars Story wants Lando Calrissian to get his own spinoff movie. In the lead-up to the release of Solo, one of the running jokes in the fandom has been that Donald Glover's Lando looks far more interesting than Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo. Even though the early reactions to Solo: A Star Wars Story are very positive, the film hasn't generated as much buzz as the average Star Wars movie. Some are even claiming they're watching the film just to see Lando.

The pending success of Solo also brings into question the future of Star Wars franchise. Disney will, obviously, keep making Star Wars movies as long as people turn out to see them. However, the only film with a release date after Solo is Episode IX. There are no official plans for another film focusing on a single character from the original trilogy, or elsewhere. Yet that might change if Jonathan Kasdan gets his wish.

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Screen Rant sat down with Solo: A Star Wars Story writers Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan. Lawrence has written some of the biggest films in Star Wars history (including Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens), but Solo is the first time the father and son duo have worked together. Lawrence sees Solo as his last Star Wars film, though he did qualify it with "never say never." Jonathan, on the other hand, feels like he's just getting started:

First of all I'm dying to see a Lando film. I would help in anyway I was asked to. I think that's a great movie. I mean, I think you know one of the things though that's interesting is, I want to see a Lando film very similar way to the way I think Larry was excited by a Han film. Which is in this movie, Lando gets to occupy, the role that Han occupied in the earlier films, which is he doesn't have to carry the burden of being the protagonist. He gets to have all the jokes. He gets to be the foil, you know. So one of the tricky challenges of making a Lando movie is, suddenly Lando is at the center of it. He, somebody else is going to step into that role of being the, maybe even Han, you know. So it's a fun universe to play around and then think about what we can do with it. Certainly, as much as Larry insists he's done, he couldn't have - we couldn't have written a movie more pregnant with possibility for future adventures, so I don't trust him a hundred percent

Kasdan doesn't believe that Lando would be alone in this hypothetical movie. It's almost a given, in Jonathan's mind, that Lobot, Lando's cyborg sidekick from Empire Strikes Back, would have to be involved. The writer quipped:

Well, if there, and if there is a Lando movie, it's hard to imagine doing it without Lobot.

For the moment the Lando movie exists only in Jonathan Kasdan's mind. Solo might be the first, and last, Star Wars movie that takes a supporting character and makes them a lead. (For his part, Alden Ehrenreich would like to see more Solo movies, taking the character in an even more swashbuckling Indiana Jones direction.) Even if there aren't more Solo movies, there is a very real chance that a Lando film could materialize.

Glover is, no way, an unknown but his star is currently on a meteoric rise and he's quickly becoming one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. It would really be in Disney and Lucasfilm's best interest to try to nail the actor down for as long a commitment as possible. The internet has already gone crazy for the quick glimpses of Glover in trailers as Lando; there's no telling what they might do when the film is released and everyone sees the final performance. In addition, Glover has been pretty open about how much he wanted (and enjoyed) playing the role of Lando. The audience and the talent is there for a Lando movie.

There might even be a story too. Jonathan Kasdan is right when he says there isn't much known about Lando. Lando's always been a side character. It's always very tricky to move a great supporting character into a leading role. Yet, the mystery surrounding Lando, and the amount of adventures that could be explored with him, makes him the perfect candidate for a solo movie, maybe even more than Han. No one is asking for a film that tells how Lando starting wearing capes but it would be fascinating to see Lando rise to power in Cloud City.

The only possible downfall of a Lando movie is that it could become a slippery slope. The future of Star Wars shouldn't be just picking out every fun or charismatic side character and giving them their own movie. The Star Wars franchise isn't close to oversaturation yet, but that method of movie-making would almost certainly take things to that point. Solo: A Star Wars Story could be more than enough. The best thing for a Lando movie might be to just imagine it, not actually witness it.

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