Solo: Villain Enfys Nest May Actually Be A Male

Some new information about Solo: A Star Wars Story character Enfys Nest in a magazine indicates the Cloud-Rider leader is actually a man, contrary to previous reports. The helmeted foe is one of the bigger mysteries about the spinoff at this point in time, as marketing has only showcased a handful of shots in trailers and TV spots. In addition to a Western-style showdown with Han Solo, Enfys also does battle against Tobias Beckett during the Conveyex heist sequence, meaning they should be a threat throughout the film.

It looked like some layers had been peeled back a while ago, when a French magazine stated Enfys was a female character. However, now a case can be made that something might have gotten lost in translation, since the latest states Nest is male.

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Reddit user NuWorldMan shared a picture of a page from Star Wars Insider (an officially licensed magazine) on the Star Wars Leaks subreddit that gave a brief description of Enfys Nest:

"Busy carving out a nefarious reputation as the violent and enigmatic leader of a gang of swoop-riding pirates - the Cloud Riders - the deadly Enfys Nest is an extremely dangerous and brutal marauder. With his face always obscured beneath a fearsome helmet, Nest is deadly, athletic, and percussively vicious."

Even by Lucasfilm's standards, there's a great deal of secrecy surrounding Enfys Nest. The actor who portrayed the part hasn't been officially revealed, which is somewhat surprising given the character's prevalence in merchandise and marketing. This has caused some fans to believe there's a surprise twist involving Enfys, possibly that he/she is actually Han's old friend Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) in disguise. Obviously, employing such extreme measures to hold Enfys back is an intentional strategy on the studio's part, so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Odds are, fans are going to have to wait for the film itself to learn more about Nest, seeing that promotional materials are dealing more with established characters audiences are already familiar with, like Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian.

As for the curious case of Enfys Nest's gender, it's difficult to say which one fans should believe since there seems to have been some sort of mixup. It would be nice if Enfys was a female, especially since Captain Phasma is seen as one of the sequel trilogy's biggest letdowns. Enfys could be an attempt to make up for that disappointment by treating viewers to a woman antagonist who is more than just a cool-looking suit of armor. The scarce details about the character make it very difficult to piece this puzzle together, but fortunately all will be revealed soon. How people react to Enfys should be fascinating to watch since many are going in with no idea of what to expect.

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Source: Reddit

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