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Hasbro has unveiled a new batch of Solo: A Star Wars Story toys following the film's release in theaters. The fourth movie of the galaxy far, far away's Disney era didn't get off to the box office start Lucasfilm had hoped for, but several fans enjoyed what they saw and consider Solo to be one of the more entertaining installments in the franchise. Unlike the previous films (which focus on galaxy-spanning conflicts), Ron Howard's spinoff is primarily a heist adventure set against a Star Wars backdrop, diving deep into the criminal underworld where no one can be trusted.

During marketing, it was hammered home that Solo was all about putting together a crew for a big job that would make people rich. In addition to characters like Han, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca, audiences met several new faces such as Qi'ra, Beckett, and Val. Collectors are now able to assemble their own crews thanks to the latest wave of Solo products from Hasbro.

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Hasbro shared images of the latest merchandise. Enfys Nest is featured prominently in the latest group of toys. Sold as something of a foil to Han and company in trailers and TV spots, the twist involving the character was quite refreshing. In some respects, she broke the infamous tradition of masked Star Wars foes being just cool-looking suits of armor (see: Captain Phasma, Boba Fett). In addition to the Black Series Swoop Bike vehicle that's available for pre-order, Enfys is part of the Galactic Heroes Smugglers and Scoundrels pack, has a Micro Force figure, and a Force Link-enabled swoop bike:

The fan-favorite Black Series line of 6-inch action figures continues to expand with Solo's Val and L3-37. Previously, Phoebe Waller-Bridge unveiled the L3 on the Star Wars Show, while Thandie Newton proudly displayed Val on her Twitter account. Check out pictures of the two in the space below:

These are only just some of the images Hasbro released. You can check out more on the next page!

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