Star Wars: Solo's Teräs Käsi Was Originally In Rogue One

Jyn Erso

There are several unique fighting styles in the Star Wars universe. One of those fighting styles, Teräs Käsi, was featured in the recent Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, that martial art was also in Rogue One, at least until it landed on the cutting room floor of that movie's editing room.

In Solo, Teräs Käsi comes up when Qi'ra busts a few moves that L3-37 comments on. Qi'ra tells the robot that she is well-trained in that specific martial art. The term originated in Legends, first appearing in the Shadows of the Empire novel and gaining more popularity in the video game Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi. The form of hand-to-hand combat has since been integrated into official franchise canon, first in the mobile game Star Wars: Uprising and later in Solo. But fans could have seen it on the big screen a little earlier than this summer's spinoff.

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Rogue One co-writer Gary Whitta confirmed on Twitter that Teräs Käsi almost ended up in Rogue One, as it was the fighting style that Saw Guerrera taught Jyn Erso. Unfortunately, it did not make the final cut of the film. However, it is briefly alluded to in the Star Wars Novel Rebel Rising by Beth Revis, which outlines Jyn's early life, including the time that she spent with Saw. That novel also outlines how she ended up in the hands of the Empire after that: in Rogue One, the rebels must rescue Jyn to ask for her help in defeating the Empire. Jyn goes on to help the Rebellion steal the plans for the Death Star, but dies in the process.

This isn't the only thing that Solo has in common with Rogue One, though. The character of Tam Posla also appears in both movies, although he was an unnamed character in that film just hanging around in the background on Jedha. It was not until the book Rogue One's Ultimate Visual Guide that the bounty hunter received a name and a description. He also appears in Solo when Han and Lando play Sabacc.

The recent Star Wars movies have included many Easter eggs that tie the universe together. There are many little details that seem to appear in multiple films in addition to overall plots that help give the Star Wars stories more cohesion. These small points are just some of what keep Star Wars fans coming back for more: they like to see how everything in that universe is connected.

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