Solo: One Awesome New Hope Easter Egg Has Been Confirmed

One of several franchise callbacks in Solo: A Star Wars Story has been confirmed in the latest TV spot. Judging by the spinoff's premise, it goes without saying Ron Howard's prequel is combining the new with the nostalgic, taking audiences back in time to when Han Solo first met Chewbacca. Obviously, the Millennium Falcon is going to be heavily featured, and while Lando Calrissian's ship has some special modifications compared to what we're accustomed to, certain details are remaining the same.

In A New Hope, as the heroes killed time while flying to Alderaan, Chewbacca and R2-D2 played a friendly match of Dejarik aboard the Falcon. It's safe to say the Wookiee wasn't necessarily the best at the game, seeing that he was losing to the droid when the ship came out of hyperspace. Judging by the latest Solo footage, Dejarik has been the bane of Chewie's existence for quite some time.

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Lucasfilm unveiled a new TV spot for Solo, which primarily covers Han's aspiration to be the best pilot in the galaxy. It ends with a comedic beat of Tobias Beckett teaching Chewie about Dejarik. The Wookiee is obviously confused, thinking he can wipe the hologram pieces off the board with his arm. Longtime fans may notice that the move the game just performed is similar (or nearly identical) to Artoo's winning move during the aforementioned New Hope scene.

Millennium Falcon Chewie C3PO Hologame

This will be the second time a modern Star Wars film integrated the Dejarik board into its list of Easter eggs. Finn accidentally activated it during The Force Awakens, right before Han told him and Rey the rumors about Luke. Some may roll their eyes at the filmmakers going back to this particular well, but Solo was always going to include fan service, and Dejarik on the Falcon reads as an organic inclusion. Since this film covers Han winning the ship from Lando, it only makes sense for Solo and his co-pilot to examine everything the vessel has to offer, including games. As long as this scene is short and sweet (and doesn't impede plot progression), many should be forgiving of it.

What makes things like the Dejarik board easier to accept is that it doesn't look like Solo is simply going to be Original Trilogy References: The Movie. Co-writers Lawrence and Jon Kasdan were smart in designing a story audiences have no prior knowledge about. During his appearances in the Skywalker saga, Han never made mention of a Conveyex heist or associates like Beckett and Qi'ra. This should make Solo's journey all the more engaging, as there are mysteries about essentially every new element that need to be answered. The recent Star Wars films have thrived blending the old with the new, so this isn't anything out of the ordinary.

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