Solo's New Trailer Has A Hidden Rogue One Cameo

Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon with Rogue One

The new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is chock full of Easter Eggs. But in amongst the Millennium Falcon changes and blaster origins, there's actually a Rogue One cameo.

The Star Wars galaxy is an immersive place, one where every character seems to have a narrative and a backstory. That idea's about to be proven once and for all with Solo, which will explore Han's childhood on Corellia and his early years as a smuggler. At last, Star Wars fans will get the chance to see just how everyone's favorite scoundrel earned a Life Debt from a Wookiee. But, along the way, fans will also be watching carefully to see just how Solo fits into the complex narrative of their beloved galaxy far, far away. Every scene will be combed over for Easter Eggs.

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One of the more subtle Easter Eggs has been revealed in the second trailer for Solo. In one scene, Han is chatting to Lando over a Sabacc table, asking about the stories he's heard. They're clearly in the kind of black market gambling den that Star Wars has always loved playing with (see: Mos Eisley Cantina, Jabba's Palace, Maz's Castle, Canto Bight). And, just as with Mos Eisley or Jedha Temple City, it's safe to say the aliens and smugglers will develop their own stories. But one of them is actually already recognizable.

Meet Tam Posla

Han and Tam Posla from Rogue One

The average viewer can be forgiven for not recognizing Tam Posla, who's stood behind Han Solo at 0:58 in the trailer. Posla technically made his Star Wars debut in Rogue One. There he was an unnamed character walking through the Temple City of Jedha. His story was fleshed out by the Rogue One's Ultimate Visual Guide, which named him and revealed that he was a lawman from the Milvayne Authority who'd gone rogue and become a bounty hunter (he was there hunting Ponda Baba and Doctor Evazan). The character has proved to be a popular one with Star Wars writers, possibly because of his distinctive design; he survived Jedha, and is currently a secondary character in Kieron Gillen's Doctor Aphra comic book series.

It seems that, a decade before he headed to Jedha, Tam Posla found himself in a gambling den watching Han Solo play Sabacc. Given Posla seems to be becoming increasingly important to the wider Star Wars canon, it will certainly be interesting whether or not he's a mere cameo character - or instead plays a part in Solo. Han will develop something of a history of getting on the wrong side of bounty hunters; Tam Posla could easily be the first one he irritates.

Of course, even if it is just a background appearance, it's a nice bit of canon cohesion. This is one of the brilliant things about the Star Wars galaxy. Not every tie-in needs to be an important one, involving a "big name" character. In fact, many of the best are subtle links, with secondary characters popping up in different locations, helping to create the sense that this really is a single galaxy.

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