Solo: The Origin Of Han's Gold Dice Will Tear You Apart

Solo: A Star Wars Story may reveal the origins of Han Solo's iconic gold dice, and it isn't what fans expected. What was a background prop in the original film has become more prominent in the most recent films. Han's lucky gold dice (which he used to win the Millennium Falcon) were a key component of one of The Last Jedi's most emotional scenes, and they return once again in this summer's Solo. Viewers caught a glimpse of them in Han's speeder during the teaser trailer as he and Qi'ra sped away from authorities.

Based on what we know about Solo's plot, Qi'ra was Han's oldest companion before Chewbacca, Luke, and Leia. The two grew up on the streets of Corellia together, fighting every day to survive. We've only seen brief snippets of their relationship in marketing, but they appear to be rather close, and it'll be fascinating to see how that dynamic evolves. As it turns out, Qi'ra may have actually played a role in Han scoring the ship of his dreams. Those famous gold dice look to be her property.

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The aptly named Twitter account Sad Kylo Ren shared a picture of a piece of Qi'ra promo art from Solo. In the image, the character is clutching the familiar gold dice. Check it out for yourself below:

If those are indeed the gold dice (and not just a separate pair that coincidentally looks the same), it leads us to believe Han borrowed the dice during his sabacc game(s) with Lando. From the recently-released full trailer, it's Qi'ra who brings the two scoundrels together, knowing Lando as the "best smuggler around" with a fast ship. She's in the bar with Han and Chewie when they first cross paths with Calrissian. Perhaps Han just decided to keep the dice as his own after getting the Falcon, which is fairly in line with his character. There's mounting evidence to suggest the Kessel Run isn't as special as Han made it out to be, so it wouldn't be surprising if part of the reason he even got the ship in the first place was because an old friend was kind enough to lend him some dice.

We knew Solo was going to flesh out certain aspects of the saga films, such as Han's friendship with Chewie, but few would have predicted the gold dice would get their own origin story. In the spinoff, the young Han starts out as a wide-eyed idealist, but through his adventures becomes something of a cold-hearted cynic. Qi'ra could be at the center of that personality shift, as it's likely something in particular happens with her. Whether Qi'ra is the one who betrays Han, or ends up getting killed because of a double-cross, the dice will always be a painful reminder of happier times when the two were carefree rascals who only had each other to hold on to. There's more sentimental value behind them besides a life-changing card game. This is one of the benefits of Lucasfilm doing these anthology films. Audiences' understanding of characters and events are enhanced, and it's hard to picture the franchise without these revelations.

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Source: Sad Kylo Ren

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