When Will We Get The Full Solo Trailer? [UPDATED]

UPDATE 3: The new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer is here!

UPDATE 2: It's been confirmed the Solo trailer will debut on Sunday, April 8 during Sunday's American Idol broadcast

UPATE: Ron Howard has tweeted confirmation a second Solo trailer is coming through the pipeline

Solo: A Star Wars Story is right around the corner, and some are starting to wonder when Lucasfilm will release the full theatrical trailer for the spinoff. Marketing for Ron Howard's entry in the franchise has been interesting to say the least, as the studio waited until February to kick off the campaign. This was a strategic play on their part, as they wanted to give The Last Jedi its moment in the spotlight and use the platform of the Super Bowl as a launching pad. Lucasfilm has never advertised two movies at the same time, so they were content letting Howard spread the word about Solo via his social media set photos while they concentrated on Episode VIII.

But with The Last Jedi now on home media, Solo is about to become the center of attention in a big way. As of this writing, there are just two months to go until its premiere, and we still have much to learn about its specifics. Star Wars trailers are known for throwing curveballs to the audience, but it's still expected a second trailer will shed more light on the story - beyond it being Han Solo's origin tale. As for when that preview will see the light of day, we've got a theory.

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We believe the full Solo trailer will debut at some point the week of Monday, April 16. The reasoning behind this thinking is two-pronged. For starters, it would mean new footage comes out in time to be attached to prints of fellow Disney blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, which opens worldwide on April 27. Considering how massive Infinity War is poised to be, multiple studios are going to want to take advantage by unveiling a fresh preview to play before screenings of the summer's biggest event. Plus, the Solo teaser was released ahead of Black Panther, so there's precedence here. The Mouse House is keen on using one property to promote another. The first Infinity War trailer hit the web weeks before The Last Jedi.

Han Solo and Chewbacca

There's also an in-franchise explanation for releasing the second Solo trailer around this time. It's believed the movie's tie-in merchandise will hit shelves on what's being called "Wookiee Weekend," beginning April 20. Combining the toy rollout with a major marketing push makes sense, since Lucasfilm will want to generate revenue from all the products. There aren't many better ways to ensure the merchandise sells like hotcakes than to get the general public excited with a new trailer. It wouldn't be surprising if advanced tickets went on sale during this window as well.

With all the genre movies that opened this month, it would have been easy to think a Solo trailer would hit in March, but we're still not too far removed from the initial teaser, and if anything was coming out with Ready Player One (targeting a similar audience), it probably would have been announced by now. It looks like April is the date, signaling the home stretch as people count down the days to another Star Wars adventure. After the teaser generated a positive response, hopefully the full preview really sells people on Alden Ehrenreich's Han and makes all the concerns about the troubled production a distant memory.

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) release date: May 25, 2018
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