Solo: Watch Harrison Ford Crash Alden Ehrenreich's Interview

Han Solo Changes from Alden Ehrenreich to Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford surprised Solo: A Star Wars Story star Alden Ehrenreich Saturday while the young Han Solo actor was being interviewed for the film. In about two weeks, Ehrenreich will no doubt be facing the most scrutiny he likely will ever face as an actor when fans get to see him take on the iconic role of Han Solo in Ron Howard's Star Wars spinoff film. Adding to the pressure, Solo comes out on May 25, exactly forty-one years to the day that audiences first witnessed Ford play Han Solo in Star Wars, a role that he made legendary by the time the credits on writer-director George Lucas' first space opera began to roll.

Ford has appeared to be supportive of Ehrenreich from the time the actor was cast, and even met with his young counterpart early on. As the film has been nearing its release, Ford has purposefully kept his distance from the project, though, even going so far as to skip the recent premiere of the film (even though the likes of Lucas, Peter Mayhew and Billy Dee Williams attended), so as not to take any attention from Ehrenreich, and give the 28-year-old actor his time in the spotlight.

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That all changed Saturday, however, as Ehrenreich was making interview rounds for the film. During a video segment with ET, Ford crashed Ehrenreich's interview, much to the surprise of the young Solo. During the interview, Ford is seen walking up behind Ehrenreich, and when the actor sees the Han Solo legend, he says, "You're shitting me. Oh, my God!" to which Ford playfully responds, "Get out of my chair! Get out of my life!" Ford then extends his hand to Ehrenreich and the two actors embrace. The video wraps up with Ehrenreich saying, "Wow! Oh, my God. That's awesome. Thanks for coming by!" to which Ford replies, "Just in the neighborhood." See the video in a tweet from ET below:

The great thing about the video is that you can sense the exchange was not pre-planned and was genuine, mainly because the normally press-shy Ford has never been one to seek attention or showboat. On top of that, the film really doesn't need the extra publicity, given that ticket pre-sales have been through the roof, virtually guaranteeing a blockbuster domestic opening when it opens on Memorial Day weekend. True, the fact Ford did show up will undoubtedly give the film an additional boost, publicity-wise, but perhaps most importantly, it is bound to give Ehrenreich an extra boost of confidence as critics and fans get ready to dissect the movie.

The good news for Ehrenreich is that early observations from the likes of The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson and other attendees of the film's premiere is that the actor has made the role of Han Solo his own, and is not doing a Ford impersonation – something that Ford, as well as fans, will surely appreciate.

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Source: ET

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