Solo: 7 Biggest Questions About [SPOILER], Answered

When Does Maul Actually Die?

Darth Maul (now just "Maul," having left the Sith order) may have survived the events of the prequels, but he doesn't make it to the original trilogy. Everything he has is slowly taken from him until he's once again on his own. He once thought he had a grand purpose at Palpatine's side, but once Darth Vader shows up it's clear that he was never more than Palpatine's pawn and the promises he was told of a grand destiny were all lies.

Around 11 years after the events of Solo (and about 2 years before A New Hope), Maul discovers Kenobi is still alive in exile on Tatooine and is overcome again with the need for revenge. When he finds him, the duel isn't long. The old Jedi Master quickly slashes a fatal blow to former Sith apprentice, and the two share a poignant moment where Maul realizes Obi-Wan is the one with a true grand purpose - guarding the eventual savior of the galaxy. In his dying breath, Maul says "he will avenge us.

Will Maul Train Qi'ra In the Force?

Solo A Star Wars Story - Emilia Clarke as Qira

Qi'ra pledging herself to Maul, the real mastermind behind Crimson Dawn, at the end of the movie created more questions than just how or why Darth Maul was still alive. Does this scene also indicate he's training Qi'ra as a Sith or as some other kind of Force wielder? The call for her to come work more closely with him on Dathomor and the ignition of his red lightsaber could definitely indicate that as a possibility. After all, he tries to make Ezra Bridger his apprentice in Star Wars Rebels, so the idea that he's looking for someone to train isn't that crazy.

Unfortunately, there's not much to go on this either way. Qi'Ra is already adept at the martial arts form called Teräs Käsi thanks to Dryden Vos, but Maul has taken on plenty of underlings thanks to their cunning and combat prowess and not trained them in the Force. It's safe to be skeptical on this one, but it's also too early to rule out entirely. The mere notion of Maul ever appearing in live-action would have sounded like a pipe dream to most Star Wars fans before the release of Solo, but now, thanks to a single scene, it's already a reality. With over a decade of his life remaining in mostly uncharted territory in the Star Wars timeline, we still have a lot to learn about Maul.

Where Did Maul Get His New Lightsaber?

Maul, Ahsoka, and Kanan face off against the Inquisitors in Star Wars Rebels.

During his hologram chat with Qi'Ra, Maul pulls out and ignites a double-bladed lightsaber. Like the former Sith apprentice himself, the last time many fans saw his double-bladed lightsaber it was cut in half. So how did he get this new one? It wouldn't be difficult for him to have just built a new one altogether, but this particular blade shows signs of a specific origin.

The lightsaber is the same hilt Maul uses in his appearances in Star Wars Rebels, and while it's not explicitly confirmed there, a close look at the weapon reveals an almost identical design to that of the Sith Inquisitor blades. The Inquisitors' double-bladed lightsabers have a spinning mechanism meant to make the blade more deadly since they lack the Force ability to truly wield one. Maul, on the other hand, is more than capable with a double bladed saber, so he's broken the traditional half-circle guard, which is the component that now bends upward instead of down.

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