The Society: 10 Things We Need To See In Season 2 Of The Netflix Show

As Netflix's The Society gets the go-ahead for a second season, fans are left wondering if certain storylines will come back for season two—there are just some things that cannot go unanswered. There isn't much that the teens of New Ham have figured out quite yet about their situation, but there is some intense drama going on within the town nonetheless. With relationships in crisis, new life being brought into town, and a shift in power, there are many things that must be answered in this upcoming season. Here are 10 we need to see in season two of The Society.

*Spoilers from Season 1 of The Society ahead

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10 Harry and Allie

What is going on with these two? It was insinuated in season one that Harry and Allie may have hooked up one night, even though Harry was Allie's older sister Cassandra's enemy in town. We see Allie talking to Cassandra about a pesky UTI situation, and it can be inferred that Harry was Allie's mystery hook up. However, Harry soon went into a pretty dark depression and he barely could talk to anyone, including Allie. Both characters also have feelings for other people, those people being Will and Kelly respectively, so it is hard to say if they will actually ever become anything. But you never know!

9 The Murder of Cassandra

It is known by the town of New Ham that Greg Dewey murdered Cassandra Pressman the night of prom, but there are many fan theories out there that say otherwise. There is reasonable doubt against Dewey and plenty of other people who weren't exactly fans of Cassandra and her leadership. Dewey ultimately died for the crime, but many fans think someone else might be getting questioned in season two for whether or not they were involved. Harry, Campbell, and Lexie are definitely some prime suspect to take a deeper look at.

8 The Romance of Grizz and Sam

Grizz and Sam's relationship is probably one of the best things to come out of The Society. Grizz is a closeted jock who has some serious feelings for Sam. Everything was going great for these two until Sam decided to claim himself as the father of his best friend Becca's baby. Sam is not actually the father, but he just wants to help Becca from answering any unwanted questions about her baby's real father.

Grizz does not know any of this, though, and he thinks Sam is the actual father and feels betrayed. In the last episode, we see the two sort of makeup before Grizz goes out to explore for new land. We will be patiently waiting to see how things play out between these characters in season two.

7 What Side is Elle on?

Elle Tomkins is in an abusive relationship with Campbell Eliot. To get out of their home she turns herself into Allie for poisoning the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. She explains to her that she is scared of Campbell and that the best thing for her would be for her to be placed under house arrest.

In the season finale, Allie is overthrown by Harry, Campbell, and Lexie. They arrest Allie and decide to free Elle. Although Elle seems terrified of Campbell, she complies and leaves with him (not before she spits in Allie's face, though). Although it may seem she is being crazy, fans believe Elle is only complying with Campbell to save her life.

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6 Lexie's Plan

Lexie has teamed up with Harry and Campbell to take over the town of New Ham. But what is her actual plan? We don't think Lexie even knows the answer to that.

After her embarrassing experience with The Guard, Lexie wants revenge on the former leaders of the town. Her plans to get the residents of New Ham through the rest of winter are practically non-existent. The only thing we do know is the Lexie really seems to enjoy the power, and her reign should be interesting come season two.

5 Are Allie and Will Together?

Allie and Will have a bit of an odd relationship. It all started when Allie kissed Will at a party thrown after arriving in New Ham. Will did not reciprocate those feelings, and instead, he decided to pursue Kelly. But when Allie falls ill after Elle poisons a pie at Thanksgiving, Will rushes to be by her side and is reminded by Kelly of how he truly feels for her. He tells Allie how he is feeling and at first she does not know if she is ready, but, in the end, she decides to go for it. Now they have both been arrested by Lexie and The Guard, so who knows where their relationship will go next.

4 The Bus Driver

Remember that bus driver Kelly found in the background of some pictures on Becca's phone? Well, they must mean something. This was the same man Kelly and Harry saw talking to Harry's mother and some other officials in town in episode one. Essentially, this is the man that took these kids to the abandoned town of New Ham. He definitely has some connection to both towns, and we hope to see him again in season two.

3 Becca's Baby Daddy

Everyone is dying to know who the father of Becca's daughter, appropriately named Eden, really is. Sam has told everyone he is the father in order to protect Becca, but why is it that she gets so defensive talking about it?

She claims she is embarrassed about how it happened, and she doesn't want to be known as the girl who got drunk at a party and ended up pregnant. It seems to be that she is more embarrassed about who the father is. If it's someone who cannot even tell her best friend Sam about, then it must be a pretty odd person. Maybe Campbell? Or Harry?

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2 Charlie The Dog

In the season one finale, we see Charlie, the dog that once belonged to Elle, arrive back in West Ham. This means Charlie can go between the towns. Does this mean that there is a way to get back to West Ham? Hopefully, someone gains interest in Charlie during season two and follows his trail back home.

1 Mrs. Pressman

In the last moments of season one, we see Mrs. Pressman reading Peter Pan to children back in West Ham. Behind her is a plaque on the wall, with every name of the teenagers of New Ham written under the word "We Remember Them". This lets the audience know that the "missing" residents of West Ham aren't missing at all. In fact, they are still home, thinking that their teenagers are the ones missing. Now that we know the West Ham still stands, will the teens find their way home in season two?

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