• Here's what to expect from a The Society season 2 on Netflix. 1 / 10

    The Society Party Vertical
  • Netflix officially renewed The Society for season 2 in July 2019. 2 / 10

    The Society Allie Kathryn Newton Vertical
  • Given the renewal date, and taking season 1's production schedule into account, The Society season 2 should release in mid-spring 2020. 3 / 10

    The Society Town Hall Vertical
  • SPOILERS for The Society season 1 ahead!! 4 / 10

    The Society Harry Alex Fitzalan Vertical
  • Season 2 will likely dive deeper into the mystery of what happened to the kids... 5 / 10

    The Society Town Warning Vertical
  • And how (or if) they can potentially return to their parents and hometown. 6 / 10

    The Society Parents Vertical
  • Season 2 will also deal with the fallout of the coup that usurped Allie of her power. 7 / 10

    The Society Kathryn Newton Vertical
  • With Campbell pulling the strings behind the scenes, nothing good can come of the new regime. 8 / 10

    The Society Campbell Toby Wallace Vertical
  • But at least Grizz found land that the town will have to farm, so they won't starve! 9 / 10

    The Society Grizz Jack Mulhern Vertical
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