What To Expect From The Society Season 2

Teen drama The Society season 1 is out now on Netflix, but what should fans expect from The Society season 2 on Netflix? Netflix has found a great deal of success with its teen-geared YA dramas in recent years, first with 13 Reasons Why, but more recently with On My Block and Sex Education. For The Society, Party of Five co-creator Christopher Keyser loosely adapts William Golding's classic Lord of the Flies in a modern day tale about power.

The premise of The Society is fairly simple, if requiring a great deal of suspension of disbelief: A group of teens set out from their affluent Connecticut town only to return abruptly and discover everyone - their parents, siblings and all others - have mysteriously disappeared. Left to their own devices, the teens must figure out how to keep the peace in their new normal, with survival quickly taking precedence over figuring out what happened to them and how they might return home. Over the course of The Society season 1, drama unfolds and fans may be wondering what's next.

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Netflix's The Society season 1 premiered May 10, with all 10 episodes debuting at once. However, The Society season 1 finale leaves plenty of questions left unanswered, paving the way for Netflix and Keyser to continue the story in The Society season 2. Now, for those fans wondering what's next after season 1, here's what to expect from The Society season 2.

Last updated: July 9, 2019

The Society Season 2 Renewal

Two months after The Society season 1 released on Netflix, the streaming service officially announced The Society season 2. Netflix typically takes one-to-two months to renew a series, thus giving them enough time to determine its popularity, so The Society season 2 announcement falls in line with that schedule.

The Society Season 2 Release Date Info

In addition to announcing The Society season 2's renewal, Netflix revealed that The Society season 2 would release in 2020. Considering The Society was ordered to series in July 2018 and released less than a year later in May 2019, it stands to reason that The Society season 2 will follow a similar schedule and release in either April or May 2020.

The Society Season 2 Story Details

The Society Jack Mulhern Alexander MacNicoll

The Society season 2 will no doubt continue the story of New Ham figuring out how to survive without the help of their parents or the outside world. In the finale, Grizz returns to New Ham with news that they found land to be farmed and animals to be hunted, indicating the town won't starve. However, the political landscape of New Ham is much more fraught.

With the help of Lexie, Harry and the guard, Campbell managed to pull off a coup, usurping Allie's power as mayor and arresting her along with her right hand, Will. Though many of the town's residents believe the story they're fed that Allie and Will tried to steal the election, many of their allies do not - including Gordie, Kelly and Grizz. But while Lexie and Harry assume the role of mayor together, presumably Campbell will be the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes. And with Campbell established as a violent psychopath, it's likely that the quality of life in New Ham will only decline as time goes. Thankfully, there remain good people in the town, and they'll no doubt plot to take power back from those who stole it.

Meanwhile, The Society season 2 will certainly further explore the mystery of what happened to the kids and where exactly they are. The last scene of The Society season 1 returned to West Ham - showing the dog that Elle believed Campbell had killed - revealing the town remains and remembers the kids who mysteriously disappeared. So where did the kids go? An alternate reality? Hopefully, The Society season 2 will provide some solid answers.

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