The Social Network Honest Trailer: Smart Film, Dull Premise

Screen Junkies' latest installment of their popular Honest Trailers web series takes aim at David Fincher's Oscar-winning drama The Social Network. When the film was first announced, many viewers were curious how the story behind Facebook's creation could make for compelling cinema, but Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin defied the odds and crafted a captivating piece of art that earned eight Academy Award nominations and three wins. Some believe that it should have received Best Picture over The King's Speech due to its tackling of relevant themes and expert craftsmanship.

The Social Network was noteworthy for its examination of how technology impacts our lives, illustrating the phenomenal effect of Facebook when it first launched in the early 2000s. With a similar title in The Circle arriving in theaters this week, the people at Honest Trailers thought it was a good time to reflect on one of the standout movies of the decade in their trademark way. You can watch the video in the space above.

Honest Trailers has become infamous for their humorous critiques of the projects they place under the microscope, but they're a little more complimentary of The Social Network. Everything from Fincher's pristine direction to Sorkin's snappy dialogue is praised. The great performances by the cast are also highlighted, poking fun at how Jesse Eisenberg's breakthrough turn as Mark Zuckerberg made him the go-to choice for Hollywood's "know-it-all nerd" trope. The actor did earn a Best Actor nomination for his efforts, so he did demonstrate a lot of talent. Additionally, Trent Reznor's award-winning musical score received kudos for making a rowing race feel epic. That soundtrack certainly did an excellent job of establishing the film's overall tone, making it deserving of its various accolades.

The Social Network Jesse Eisenberg Mark Zuckerberg

Of course, there are some criticisms scattered throughout the trailer. As is the case with most "based on a true story" films, The Social Network fudges up the truth for drama. Such instances include Zuckerberg's break-up with Erica Albright being the catalyst for the main story, Mark's extreme fascination with Harvard's exclusive final clubs, and even the portrayal of the protagonist's personality. Given the critical reception to the film, these deviations from fact didn't detract too much, but it's apparent those in search of a history lesson shouldn't take The Social Network to be a documentary. Another nitpick of Screen Junkies' is Andrew Garfield's casting as Eduardo Saverin, who is supposed to be a "Brazilian Jew," but again, this perceived shortcoming doesn't hurt their opinion of the overall film. They actually close it out by wishing a second Facebook movie could be made given how strongly this one turned out.

Social Network 2 is highly unlikely to happen, but it's great that Fincher's film turned out the way it did and lived up to the pedigrees of its creative team. It proved that a talented helmsman can make an interesting film out of anything, even something mundane as creating a website that people use to post Minions memes. It's quite remarkable what Fincher achieved.

Source: Screen Junkies

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