What Pokemon Sword and Shield's Sobble Looks Like in Live-Action

Sobble Live Action

Hot on the heels of the latest Pokemon announcement at last week's Nintendo Direct for Pokemon Sword and Shield, everyone's been taking to Twitter to rave about which of the three starters is their favorite. Now, an artist who worked on Detective Pikachu has joined the fray with their interpretation of what water starter Sobble would look like in live-action.

Sobble is one of three available starters alongside Scorbunny and Grookey. While the Pokemon's fire and grass-type contemporaries have their own charm, it's Sobble's distinctive watery gaze and demeanor that have made it popular with fans of the series and beyond; its reach has even extended as far as sports. There's no doubt that Pokemon has always been a hot button topic when it comes to memes, so it's perhaps no surprise that this is where we ended up considering the internet's reaction to the latest Detective Pikachu trailer.

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Not to be outdone, artist RJ Palmer took to Twitter a few days ago to contribute to the groundswell of fan art surrounding Sobble. Interestingly enough, his version of the Pokemon makes it look a lot more like a chameleon than the animated rendering from the Pokemon Sword and Shield footage that was revealed as part of the Direct. Palmer is currently a concept artist at Ubisoft who is well-known for life-like drawings of Pokemon, so it's quite fitting that his latest work has an eerie photorealistic quality to it. In light of the fact that the news about Sobble was only a day-old at the time of Palmer's tweet, the artwork becomes even more impressive considering the short time in which he was able to complete it.

This depiction of Sobble appears to sacrifice some of the Pokemon's adorable charm for more physiologically-feasible anatomy choices. That being said, this sort of thing is definitely up Palmer's alley. If anything, it should further whet fans' appetites for the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie.

Though the transition from Nintendo's animation style to live-action visuals has divided the audience when it comes to some Pokemon in particular (like Lickitung), there's no denying that the very feat of bringing the franchise to life is impressive on its own. From the reception to Palmer's work, as well as the fact that it's already been confirmed that a sequel to Detective Pikachu is being developed, there's clearly a healthy appreciation for this uncannily realistic art style from fans.

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Source: RJ Palmer / Twitter

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