Snyder Cut Fans Denounce Justice League Petition Founder

Justice League set - Zack Snyder with Bat signal

Fans of the Snyder Cut condemn the founder of the original petition that demanded the release of Zack Snyder's complete work on Justice League.

Not long after Justice League's release November, an online petition created by Roberto Mata from Puerto Rico urged Warner Bros. to release, not just the original cut of the movie, but Junkie XL’s (the original composer before Danny Elfman stepped in) intended musical score of the flick as well. Due to the bad publicity that hounded the project even after it was released, the campaign gained a lot of followers and it has become a collaborative project for Snyder fans who stood by the director during this whole debacle. After a few months, an update was made on the petition, this time including a brand new fundraiser attached for supposedly the creation of a documentary about the Snyder cut.

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ForSnyderCut website, founded by Fiona Zheng, released an official statement written by Comicbook Debate founder Sheraz Farooqi on behalf of the two sites and The Suicide SquadCast (hosted by Scott McClellan and Tim Yoko), condemning the actions of Mata. The two sites and podcast have been proponents of the Release The Snyder Cut campaign, even helping Mata rewrite and promote the online petition after Justice League. As explained in the presser, however, the unprofessionalism of Mata led to them having to ultimately sever ties with the creator of the online appeal. Read an excerpt of the statement below:

"Aside from extreme unprofessionalism shown to his collaborators like Fiona Zheng, myself, and more, going as far as to fabricate lies about fans trying to steal attention or his idea, his true acts were worse. After blocking and cutting off all the fans that made his petition successful, Roberto took his petition to a very racist level. Disgustingly racist, Islamophobic, sexist remarks were made; all enveloped with lies about us throughout. Through various “petition updates” that spend many paragraphs saying very hateful and Islamophobic rhetoric against Islam & all Muslims, Roberto also continually made sexist remarks against women, calling them inferior and treating them as such. A few quotes from his petition updates and social media show his hateful nature: he brushes the entire faith of Islam as “the most disgusting belief on earth” and a “majority of terrorists.” He also says  “Women are not as strong as men and they are more violent and abusive” and “Black people are criminals. Black lives matter and white supremacy are the same.” Simply put, he is racist, sexist, and Islamophobic."

Despite the falling out, Mata was still thanked for spearheading the petition. Fiona Zheng, found for took to her official Twitter account to share the statement and call everyone to  "remember the good nature of this guy's original intention, forget what he became." She adds that "the petition belongs to no1 but whole community. And It served its purpose." Check out her tweets below:

Comic Book Debate's founder, Sheraz Farooqi, also gave a statement that got even more official approval after Snyder liked one of his earlier post that addressed the same issue on Vero, as shared by a follower on Twitter. Over the last few months since the release of Justice League, the filmmaker has continued to be more vocal on social media, interacting with his fans and even posting never-before-scene photos during the production of the film. Fans may never really know what went down behind-the-scenes but at least right now, it's clear that the original petition for the release of the Snyder Cut no longer has the support of the most prominent followers of the cause, and possibly not even the filmmaker himself.


Source:, Comic Book Debate

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