Pre-Cyborg Victor Stone Wears GCU Football Uniform in New Snyder Cut Image

With the hype for the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League rapidly increasing, Ray Fisher has released a new image of Victor Stone on social media.

With the growing number of Justice League cast and crew members advocating for the release of the movie's legendary Snyder Cut, Ray Fisher has jumped back into the fray with a new image of Victor Stone. Zack Snyder departed the DC team-up film in the aftermath of a family tragedy, with Justice League undergoing reshoots that dramatically altered the movie from his intended vision. A major grassroots campaign swiftly emerged aimed at convincing Warner Bros. to release Snyder's original cut of Justice League, and recent weeks have not only seen the Snyder Cut receive a massive increase in media coverage, but also a rapidly expanding number of cast and crew members publicly supporting.

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While the push for Snyder's version of Justice League has been an ongoing phenomenon since the movie's theatrical debut, the current surge in attention can largely be attributed to recent interviews with Jesse Eisenberg, Junkie XL, and Jason Momoa that shed new light on different aspects of the movie. Momoa has been notably vocal in his support for the release of Snyder's version of the superhero ensemble, going as far as to say "I think the public needs to see it." in an MTV News interview with Josh Horowitz. On top of that, Gal Gadot announced support for the Snyder Cut's release on social media earlier today.

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Fisher was already among the cast and crew members to make their support for the Snyder Cut's release known, but his latest Twitter post on the matter is nevertheless sure to increase the swiftly rising hype for it. The image in question features a look at Victor Stone during his football days prior to the accident that would lead to his transformation into Cyborg. Accompanied by the hashtag #releasethesnydercut, the new image released by Fisher arrives on the two-year anniversary of the theatrical release of Justice League, a fact Fisher clearly acknowledges with the caption "Two years". 

Originally described by Zack Snyder as the heart of the movie, Cyborg proved to be the most impacted of the core heroes by the reshoots implemented on Justice League. This also isn't the first time that Ray Fisher has released an unseen image from the Snyder Cut on social media. Amid a recent blitz of cast and crew members dropping never-before-seen images from the film, including Jason Momoa releasing one from the ending of Snyder's cut, Fisher had previously jumped into the mix by posting a still from a scene of Victor sitting outside of a college dean's office during his pre-Cyborg days.

At this point, it is abundantly clear the Snyder Cut situation is rapidly approaching critical mass, especially after Gal Gadot joined the chorus earlier today. With Jason Momoa also having made clear that he has seen Snyder's version of the movie himself, all eyes are now seemingly on who is going to be the next member of the cast or crew to tweet out #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. It still remains to be seen how Warner Bros. will respond to the ever-increasing demand for the release of Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League, but with the latest image from the movie released by Ray Fisher, the situation has clearly risen to an unprecedented level of mainstream interest.

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