Snowfall Season 4: 10 Questions We Still Need Answers To

As we head towards season four of Snowfall there are so many questions we need answering. Here are our top ten.

Crack hit America like a ton of bricks falling from the sky. We saw it coming but there was nothing we could do about it. It was either fight it or accept it and for most in the urban community, there was no escaping. John Singleton was a master at breaking down that era and what transpired in South Central Los Angeles.

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In his latest show, before he passed away, Singleton and FX joined forces to bring Primetime TV Snowfall. It's thrilling and will have you on the edge of your seat. With three seasons under its belt, Snowfall is gearing up for its fourth run. Here are 10 questions we still need answers to heading into Season 4.

10 How Bad Does It Get For South Central?

One thing that didn't get too much airtime through the first three seasons was gangs. While the focus has been on the drug side, there was very little to no mention of Bloods, Crips or any of the other gang life that takes place in South Central. Is this the season where we're introduced to it?

The crack epidemic was just making it's way into the urban community by the midway point in Season 3 as we saw what it did to Mel and Wanda. But how bad will it get once Teddy and Franklin agree to turn up the heat? Are we to believe that Franklin and Teddy are the architects of the demise of what was once a beautiful section of Los Angeles?

9 Can Franklin Trust Teddy?

Now that Franklin knows the truth about Teddy, can he be trusted? Through the first three seasons, Teddy has been going off the notion that his government affiliation has been his cover. But now what?

At the end of season 3, Franklin proposed that he and Teddy take it to another level. Franklin extended his hand for Teddy to shake to seal the deal but Teddy never extended his. Is that a sign of things to come? If Franklin gets in trouble, will Teddy be there when or if he needs him? Or, if things begin to go sour, will Teddy put Franklin out in the open to save himself?

8 What Happened To Mel?

After Mel shot Franklin, she just vanished from the storyline. The very next episode was that of Franklin in some sort of dream state as he may have taken a different path in life. However, in that story, Mel was not around. Most of the main characters were present but her. What happened?

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As he awoke from his thoughts, we saw Franklin in the middle of his rehab process. Once done, there was still no mention of his ex-girlfriend. Did Franklin have her killed? Did she turn herself in to the police or did she clean up her act and make it to Spellman? She was a huge part of the first three seasons so for her character to just vanish like that is a mystery.

7 Who Dies Out Of The Group?

So far, Franklin has yet to feel real pain. Think about it. He was once estranged from his dad who somehow managed to get his life back together and not only rejoin the family but sort of have his hands in the business as well. His uncle has been hustling for a while now and is still alive and so is his aunt. The one person we thought he could not lose is Mel. Drugs got the best of her. Heck, she even shot Franklin for killing her father.

My guess will be his best friend and right-hand man, Leon. There are no real rules in the drug game and with Leon having a hot temper and being known to fly off the handles at times, his death may be a big breaking point for Franklin moving forward. Remember what happened to Tony Montana after he killed Manny?

6 Where Is Lucia?

Just like that, one of the central figures in the story vanished. Lucia was a major part of Snowfall for two seasons and by the time the third came around, she was gone. We still haven't received a good explanation as to where she went but let's hope that Season 4 brings more answers than questions.

With Gustavo moving up in the drug game and partnered with Lucia's mother, viewers are left shaking their heads as to why she's still in hiding. Is she dead? Did she and Gustavo have some sort of fight? Mel taking a leave of absence from the storyline is weird but Lucia, that's another story.

5 Can Teddy Trust Franklin?

Their story will be complicated as they move into the next phase of their business and personal relationship. Teddy now has to know how smart and crafty Franklin is. Now that he has some money behind him and has ties to the criminal world, will Franklin use that against Teddy?

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If Teddy makes a mistake and gets Franklin jammed up, is this his get out of jail free card? Both of these men will have to be on their toes as their dealings have also been about leverage on one another. It's been fun to watch the battle of wits between Teddy and Franklin for the first three seasons. But who can trust who?

4 Will Jerome Make It Out?

After being harassed and beaten by the police in Season 3, Jerome came to the decision that he wanted out the game. He took his money and opened up a car stereo shop. Smart move as Jerome is thinking about the future. However, he's the one that helped get his nephew in the game so he does have that hanging over his head. But has he really had enough?

To be honest, it's hard to tell. On one hand, he doesn't want to end up dead or in jail. But on the other hand, his girlfriend is still knee-deep in it. His sister and brother-in-law have joined the team and most of all, he doesn't want anything to happen to his nephew. So, Jerome has some important decisions to make heading into Season 4.

3 Who Will Be Franklin's Competition?

Right now, everyone in South Central is eating well. But here's the thing about the drug game, someone always wants more. Who will be the person to step up and challenge Franklin for the throne? While some in the area know, plenty still don't that Franklin is literally the King of LA.

But when word starts to get out, that's when Franklin will see who is who. Will the Mexicans be his biggest threat or will Man Boy emerge from under his shadow and try to get a deal with Teddy of his own?  In the first three seasons, there has been little to no resistance from anyone. The time is coming where his empire will get tested.

2 Can Franklin Trust His Family and Team?

The ones closest to you are the ones that will be the reason for your downfall. Think back to Scarface, Boyz N Da Hood, Menace to Society or a movie like Juice. All great come up stories but in the end, their downfall came from those closest to them. They didn't have to pull the trigger and kill them themselves, but actions and decisions set the wheels in motion. Will this happen to Franklin?

Franklin has a solid team but when the truth comes out that they're in cahoots with the government, will that be enough to scare some of them away? As Franklin gets bigger in the drug game, will any one of them take it as a slap in the face that's they're not in the spotlight alongside Franklin? Jealousy is a weak emotion that can easily lead to war and death.

1 Why Are We Rooting For Franklin?

Is Franklin a bad guy? No. By all accounts, he's a young kid who saw an opportunity and took it. But so are members of the mafia and any other criminals out there. So, what makes Franklin Saint any different than Tony Montana? Nothing. Franklin has shot people, ordered others to be killed and is the prime reason his neighborhood is being destroyed.

With all that going on, viewers are still glued to the TV in hopes that he will make it out the game alive. Is that wrong? As he and Teddy are set to take their business relationship to new heights, that means more destruction. Is this the season that we root against Franklin?

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