Snowfall: 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb)

HBO's Snowfall has seen some great episodes so far. Here are the 10 best according to IMDb.

Every few years, we get a TV show that completely changes our views on things. Remember back to when The Sopranos aired and we found ourselves rooting for Tony to get big, then somehow make it out the game alive? Then came The Wire and it was non stop action throughout. While HBO had cornered the market with top cable TV drams, FX put their hat in the ring with Snowfall.

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From the start, it was mindblowing to see the part the government took regarding drugs in America. Each episode offered something different whether viewers liked it or not. Today, we'll take a look at the 10 best episodes of Snowfall, according to IMDb.

10 Sightlines (Season 2, Episode 1) Rating 8.2

"The Meeting" is what this episode should be called. Up until then, Franklin was still just a neighborhood dealer. However, little did he know that he had a pair of eyes on him that would change his life forever. Franklin had moved his drug business to a food truck and was accumulating a small bit of wealth in the process. Teddy was told that the government would no longer fund his war on drugs and he needed another route.

Gustavo and Lucia were looking for a new friend in the business which forced Lucia to do what she said she would never do. Lucia has always been on a power trip and the killing of her father put Lucia's hunger on a higher level.

9 Surrender (Season 2, Episode 8) Rating 8.2

Should Franklin put his personal feelings aside regarding his dad and help him out? With news that his father was locked up, Franklin had to make a serious judgment call. On the other side, Lucia and Gustavo have no idea that they were infiltrated by the Feds. Soledad was given 48 hours to wrap the case up or she gets pulled off for good.

Teddy and his brother discuss their parents and Teddy is still angry with the situation. Gustavo and Lucia are searching LA for the drug recipe while Franklin must show some force due to drugs going missing from his friends Rob's house. Franklin decides to help his dad out.

8 Protect and Swerve (Season 3, Episode 1) Rating 8.2

The beginning of the end. By this time Franklin is truly running things in South Central and has caught the interest of his neighbors and cop Andre. There's competition on the street for Franklin but as usual, he stays calm about it. Through much of the first two seasons, Cissy has stayed away from her son's dealings. But in the Season premiere, they're working together to secure property.

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What made this episode so interesting was the set up that was coming. Nevermind the war on the streets over drugs or issues within their own camp, this was the official face-to-face between Andre and Franklin we've been waiting for.

7 Cash and Carry (Season 3, Episode 3) Rating 8.2

It was time for this to happen. From the beginning, Franklin had blinders on whenever it came to Avi. Did he forget that Avi was a drug dealer and one bigger than Franklin? How did Franklin think Avi got to that place? This is a game where your closest friends will turn on you in an instant and that's what happened here.

Avi tried to steal money from Franklin while in Mexico and mark it down as just burrowing. Gustavo comes face-to-face with Soledad and lets off a shot. Teddy is out to make a major move to secure a private airstrip to transport his drugs and guns.

6 The Game That Moves As You Play (Season 3, Episode 4) Rating 8.2

The episode that changes Franklin. The cops are ready to make a move thanks to Andre. In doing so, they raid Jerome's house which stirs up a serious police brutality scene and now, Franklin is ready for war.

Leon finds out that Avi tried to screw Franklin over and wants revenge. With Franklin's stash houses hit, he shows power to his troops by using brute force in a scene that solidifies his position of power. Also, Teddy learns that Gustavo killed Soledad and is forced to bury her body in the woods.

5 Aftermath (Season 2, Episode 9) Rating 8.4

The walls were closing in and Franklin, for the first time, did not have am the answers. What that did was put everyone on high alert. Despite their issues, Franklin had to see his mother before he decided anything. Matt was now starting to feel the effects of the cocaine torture Avi and his crew put him through and he has no choice but to make a drastic decision regard his brother.

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Lucia may have snitched but she wasn't fazed by her decisions. She had Gustavo got into a scuffle where Gustavo was stabbed. Everything is going wrong this episode. In the end, Franklin made a choice that cost him his freedom as the cops were waiting.

4 Education (Season 2, Episode 10) Rating 8.7

Could this be considered the downfall of Franklin or a hard lesson learned? With Franklin now in jail, he has to learn that what he controlled on the outside did not translate to power in jail. From the start, his shoes were stolen. Then he ran into someone he thought was a friend only to learn that there are no rules in jail.

Franklin was jumped and almost beaten to death by Ray Ray. This is the guy forced to kill his friend. The next night, it was about to go down again but the guys were stopped. Franklin had Leon do some digging and learned where Ray Ray and his goons' family stayed. It was a threat but it was well-received. With the help of Teddy, Franklin was released and their business venture resumed.

3 Pocket Full of Rocks (Season 3, Episode 7) Rating 8.8

The search for Mel is on and Andre has no choice but to go to Franklin for help. Even though he has no feelings for Mel, Franklin can still remember the girl he would have given the world to. While on the hunt, he puts the word out that no one sells to her and if they see Mel, to page him immediately.

Franklin is ready to leave the game while Leon wants to take it as far as he can. Manboy is ready to step into the role of Franklin's second in command but he knows that Leon has that title, for now. Teddy is telling himself that one more run will do it and he can stop this operation altogether.

2 Hedgehogs (Season 3, Episode 8) Rating 9.2

Franklin and Teddy have an out of place conversation concerning Teddy's personal life. Franklin already believes that he's CIA and uses that to his advantage. Mel is found and when Franklin gets there, he learns what everyone has been telling him that the Melody he knew is no longer there.

With the info Kate gave him, Andre goes to Franklin's home and takes info that shows that the government is involved. Franklin figures out that it's Andre and sneaks into his house. They have a small conversation and before we knew it, Franklin shoots Andre in the head.

1 Blackout (Season 3, Episode 9) Rating 9.2

Franklin is now like Mel. The cocaine has officially changed him and not for the better. Even with a large bank account, the monster was created. Mel goes home and that's when she puts the pieces to the puzzle together that it was Franklin who killed her dad. She tells her father's friend, Officer Nix and he formulates his own plan for Franklin.

Nix tells Mel that the autopsy conformed than it was a suicide. Mel refuses to believe that. At the funeral, Mel goes back home and Franklin follows her. Mel pulls put a gun and shoots Franklin once in the shoulder. While on the floor crawling for safety, Mel then shoots him in the back.

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