Fairytale Movie Round-Up: ‘Snow White’ Banner, Bruce Campbell out of ‘Oz,’ & ‘Mirror, Mirror’ Rating

Fairytale Round-Up Snow White and the Huntsman Oz the Great and Powerful and Mirror Mirror


Unbeknownst to man, machine, or anything else, American viewers have recently been inundated with fairytale-related media (Once Upon a Time, Grimm) with so many more on the way. Are fairytales the new vampires/werewolves/witches/etc.?

Speaking of which -  Snow White and the Huntsman has released a banner poster showcasing stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Kristen Stewart (Twilight), and Charlize Theron (Prometheus); Bruce Campbell has been cut from Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful; and Tarsem Singh and Armie Hammer talked about the other Snow White film, Mirror, Mirror.

First, check out the newly released banner for Snow White and the Hunstman, which is heavy on the atmosphere and (unsurprisingly) features the three biggest actors in the film – Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, and Charlize Theron:


Snow White and the Huntsman Banner Poster

It probably goes without saying that there’s a bit of a Lord of the Rings vibe going on here (not to mention a slight Tim Burton-esque aesthetic and some grit and grime, to boot). That said, the over-photoshopped nature of the image – which should be blamed on the industry more than this particular film -- just doesn’t appeal to this particular writer.


Oz: The Great and Powerful

According to Bruce Campbell – via his Twitter account – his cameo in Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful has been phased out of shooting.

Check it out below:

Bruce Campbell Tweets He Has Been Cut from Raimi's Oz

This means if you were looking forward to another zany and hilarious bit by Campbell in one of Raimi’s films - a la the Spider-Man series - you’re out of luck. Previously, the actor had referred to his role in Oz as pivotal, but it appears that that was not the case.


Mirror, Mirror

Lastly, director Tarsem Singh (The Immortals) and Armie Hammer (The Social Network) recently talked about their upcoming Snow White film, Mirror, Mirror.

First up we have Tarsem Singh, courtesy of Crave Online, who said:

“[Mirror, Mirror] is [a]wesome.  It was much, much, much, much easier to do [than anything else I’ve filmed], because Julia [Roberts] was so on my side and everyone’s terrified of going against [her]. So all my fights were taken care of. I wanted to make a family film, and they asked me if I wanted to make it edgy, and I said, ‘No.’”

On Mirror, Mirror’s intended tone and rating:

“It is a family film and it is my take on it. That is all I’m interested in. […] I hope [it’s PG]. Because they had a discussion about how they could make [Immortals] PG after we had shot it, and I said ‘You’ve got a ten minute movie.’ [Laughs] I don’t think you can release it as a ten minute movie.”

Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror

Next up we have Armie Hammer, courtesy of Movie Fone, who’s playing Prince Charming.

On why there are two Snow White films coming out – Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror – at the same time, Hammer said:

“There are two Snow White movies coming out for the same reason that you remember back in the day there was 'Armageddon' and then 'Deep Impact.' You know, 'Andromeda Strain' and then Outbreak. Like, all of those things. It's common because basically studios have no imagination in making the decisions. They go, ‘Oh, they just had success with that movie, so we'll do a movie like that."

But, uhh … didn’t Andromeda Strain come out twenty-four years before Outbreak?

On the recently released pictures from the film, Hammer said:

“Those pictures aren't even recut. Like, those are just pictures that some guy took on stage. Wait until you see. I've seen little things that after Tarsem [Singh] has done his Tarsem magic on it, those pictures look drastically different. Don't think that's what it's going to look like. It's going to look so much cooler.”

A fairytale that's actually for kids and not for, say, teenagers and twenty-somethings, is definitely intriguing. Let's just hope it's the sort of "for kids" that doesn't dumb the whole experience down because the filmmakers automatically assume children are idiots.

Are you guys looking forward to these films? Yes or no -- which one looks most interesting? Let us know in the comments.


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Snow White and the Huntsmen hits theaters June 1st, 2012, Oz: The Great and Powerful hits theaters March 8th, 2013, and Mirror, Mirror hits theaters March 16th, 2012.

Sources: Bruce Campbell's Twitter account, Crave Online, and Movie Fone,

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