'Snow White and the Huntsman' Featurettes & Trailer Preview

snow white huntsman featurettes trailer preview

A full-length trailer for this year's most-buzzed about retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale - Snow White and the Huntsman, not this month's Mirror Mirror (in case you were confused) - will be unveiled next week.

In the meantime, we can offer you three tantalizing new behind-the-scenes features which highlight the film's textured Medieval sets, its evocative villain, Queen Ravenna (Oscar-winner Charlize Theron), and the majestic costumes designed by three-time Academy Award-winner Colleen Atwood (Edward Scissorhands, Chicago, Alice in Wonderland) - along with a trailer preview, as introduced by Snow White and the Huntsman co-star (and Avengers member Thor), Chris Hemsworth.

Snow White and the Huntsman is a swords and sorcery twist on the famous Brothers Grimm story, wherein the iconic princess (Kristen Stewart) must flee for her life after her wicked, magically-powered stepmother (Theron) seeks to literally consume Snow's heart in order to achieve eternal beauty. Hemsworth plays a widowed huntsman who is recruited to track down and kill Snow White - but, instead, he helps train the young woman to lead the kingdom's subjects - who remain loyal to Snow's late father, King Magnus (Noah Huntley) - in a rebellion against the Queen and her powerful "Shadow Army."

Check out all three of the aforementioned Snow White and the Huntsman featurettes (along with said trailer preview):





Public opinion on Snow White and the Huntsman has almost completely changed over the past year, thanks largely to a great teaser trailer, teased a stylishly gritty and exciting new spin on an all-too-familiar story - along with behind-the-scenes footage (like that shown above) which paints the film as a genuinely dark fantasy adventure. That's a far cry from those pesky early rumors, which suggested the movie would instead be a fairly romanticized, Twilight-style variation on the fable.

Huntsman helmer Rupert Sanders has never actually called the shots on a feature-length film before (he previously worked in the video game commercial industry), but he looks to start his moviemaking career off with a bang - in part thanks to an overall solid A-list cast (yes, including Stewart), a stellar production team, and what sounds like creative script work by Evan Daugherty, Evan Spiliotopoulos, and Hossein Amini (Drive).

Snow White and the Huntsman opens in theaters around the U.S. on June 1st, 2012. Be sure to check back next week for the full-length trailer.

Source: Universal Pictures [via Comic Book Movie and XFinity]

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