'Snow White and the Huntsman' Trailer & Extended Preview

snow white huntsman full trailer kristen stewart

Studios just keep on rolling out new trailers for their most anticipated summer releases, and today we have more items to add to the pile: a full-length trailer and extended five-minute preview clip for Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman, starring the triumvirate of Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga), Chris Hemsworth (Thor in The Avengers), and Oscar-winner Charlize Theron.

Huntsman repurposes the centuries-old fairy tale about a lovely, kind-hearted princess (Stewart) and her aging, beauty-obsessed stepmother (Theron) as the potential first installment in a new trilogy of Medieval fantasy adventures - wherein Snow White joins forces with a huntsman (Hemsworth) hired to murder her, in order to lead a rebellion against the malicious queen and restore the decaying kingdom to its former glory.

To learn more about the plot of Snow White and the Huntsman - and get an early look at the film's stylishly macabre imagery and eye candy (insert Stewart/Hemsworth/Theron pun of choice) - check out the new trailer and extended preview:


Snow White and the Huntsman Extended Preview


As worlds apart Huntsman may be from this month's light-hearted Snow White re-telling (Mirror Mirror) - in terms of overall tone and style - there are still numerous similarities between the two - including, a feistier iteration of the Snow White character, the seven dwarfs re-imagined as wild-looking diminutive warriors who dwell in the woods, and an Evil Queen whose attire directly reflects her personality (pompous like a peacock in Mirror Mirror vs. the living embodiment of death in Snow White and the Huntsman). Not to mention, both films look visually-dazzling in terms of sets, costumes, and CGI effects.

Passing over those similarities and slight differences, Huntsman seems to have an edge over Mirror Mirror simply in terms of the acting from its two female leads. Theron as a coiled and threatening sorceress in Huntsman looks to easily trump Julia Roberts' hammier performance as the queen in Mirror Mirror, while Stewart (say what you will about her work as Bella Swan in Twilight) appears to have the attitude, accent, and even the physical qualities of a refined, yet badass princess down pat - though admittedly, Lily Collins as a similarly "modernized" Snow White in Mirror Mirror also looks solid enough.

snow white huntsman set video kristen stewart

That's all to say: by going in a more serious direction with the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale, assembling an overall stronger cast (including, numerous decorated character actors as the dwarfs) - and having a helmer in the form of acclaimed video game commercial director Rupert Sanders onboard to realize said darker vision, Snow White and the Huntsman looks to do readily triumph over Mirror Mirror, when it comes to re-imagining an overdone story and instilling it with new life. If only all the upcoming reboots/remakes around Hollywood could do likewise...

Snow White and the Huntsman arrives in theaters around the U.S. on June 1st, 2012.

Source: Universal Pictures

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