10 Things about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs That Make no Sense When you Re-Watch It On Disney+

Disney+ is a treasure trove of classic Disney and Snow White is as classic Disney as you can get, but some things about the movie do not make sense.

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If you've just gotten Disney+ and are wondering where to start in their immense and impressive library of content, why not start with the film that started it all, Snow White and the Seven DwarfsAt the time, the film was a monument to the art of animation, but as for the plot, it's not exactly Shakespeare.

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Snow White is still a beautifully animated masterpiece, but it's a fairy tale that thrives on emotion rather than reason. While that was the entire point of the film in 1937, we still have a few questions after a recent rewatch. Here are 10 things that make no sense about Walt's first feature.

10 The Prince Arrives Without Invitation or Audience

Disney's Prince Ferdinand from Snow White

Snow White might have been immediately romanced by the Prince's arrival onto the castle grounds, and 1930s and '40s audiences likely were too. Us modern viewers, however, would get a bit weirded out if some random dude in tights jumped over our fence and started serenading us.

Let's look at things from a medieval standpoint for a minute. The Prince had to have sneaked past palace guards and scaled the garden wall to even get within singing distance of a princess. Is this just something he does on the regular? And Snow White is just okay with this? Maybe the Queen needs more guards than magic mirrors.

9 The Queen Could Have Dealt With Snow White Herself at Anytime

Disney Evil Queen from Snow White

Okay, let's talk about everyone's favorite black-magic monarch, the Evil Queen. Supposedly she's some powerful sorceress able to summon forth spirits from mirrors, brew wicked potions, and all manner of magical deeds. If that's the case, why didn't she use some of that magic on Snow White earlier?

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In fact, why does she even need a huntsman to do her dirty work at all? She could have easily slipped Snow a drought of Sleeping Death whenever she felt threatened. Hard to be fairest in the land when you're zonked out, right? We might be nitpicking at a classic fairy tale here, but we want answers, Disney.

8 The Huntsman Should Have Fled When He Saw the Heart Box

Disney Snow White Evil Queen Heart Box

Some of you might be wondering, why would a queen need a huntsman? He's a hunter, not a hitman. The huntsman's job is basically to put meat on the table for the castle household, not be an assassin. So why on earth would the Queen call him to ax off her competition?

More importantly, the huntsman should have gotten out of dodge the moment he was given the box for Snow White's heart, possibly to another kingdom to warn that the Queen is absolutely insane. Cut-throat politics or not, no mentally sound monarch does this kind of thing. Thank Walt that the dude had a conscience.

7 How Does Snow White Charm the Animals So Easily?

Seven dwarfs cast in The Brothers Grimm Snow White movie

This is probably one many of us have probably thought about before. How are these random animals drawn to Snow White so easily? Does she have some strange animal-magnetism power we're not aware of?  More importantly, why are they so eager to help some random girl that runs screaming into their habitat?

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Second of all, why are the creatures so willing to do things like housework and laundry? If they have that ability, what's to stop Snow White from asking them to storm the castle to seek justice against the Evil Queen? If she can charm a deer and some squirrels, she could probably charm a grizzly bear just as easily.

6 Are the Dwarves Actually Wealthy?

Here's something that came to our attention that we haven't figured out quite yet. If the seven dwarves are sitting on a huge diamond mine, why do they still live in a cramped cottage in the wilderness? More importantly, why are all seven of them sharing the same house when they could easily afford individual accommodations?

We see the dwarves with carts overflowing with diamonds, rubies, and other precious gemstones. They even sing about working "where a million diamonds shine." These guys have more treasures than they know what to do with, yet they're still all sharing the same cabin in the woods.

5 Why Do the Dwarves Live Together?

We don't know how a fairy tale mining operation works, but we're still wondering why all seven members have to share a living space together. Are the dwarves all related, perhaps brothers? Or maybe they just have to follow some weird post-Middle-Earth relocation regulation.

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It's not that we mind Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Dopey, and Doc all sharing the same roof, we're just a bit curious as to the why. Maybe it's to save a few gemstones on individual quarters, reap some sort of housing benefit, or whatever, but it's something we don't fully understand. But maybe we're asking too many questions.

4 Why Leave the Key to the Vault Hanging Outside the Door?

Ok, we can't just let this one slide. After watching Doc and Dopey throw in literal sacks full of diamonds and rubies, why on earth do they leave the key to their vault just idly hanging outside the door where anyone can snatch it? With all those gems, you'd think they could afford a security system.

We know it was probably just a throwaway gag made by some Disney animator in 1937, but we're a keen-eyed audience who pays attention to little slip-ups like that. Especially if you put someone named Dopey in charge of securing your valuables.

3 The Queen Suddenly Breaks the Fourth Wall

After the Evil Queen pulls her Jekyll-and-Hyde routine into the old witch, she starts going on about her evil plot to poison Snow White with the Sleeping Death curse. Why is she suddenly talking to us? It just feels like it comes out of nowhere and forces the queen into the old villain cliche of monologuing, even when there's no one to listen.

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Yes, you could make the argument that she's talking to the crow perched on the skull in the background, but then why does she suddenly turn to face the audience? It's spooky enough, but it makes no sense.

2 Why Choose Such an Obvious Disguise?

Disney Movie Dark Villains Witch Snow White

The Queen's plot is to go to the dwarves' cottage in a peddler's rags to get Snow White to eat the poisoned apple. That sounds like it should work, no fuss no muss. That being said, why is the Queen's disguise so blatantly and utterly obviously revealing she's the villain?

A true peddler's disguise should be unassuming and inconspicuous, but the Queen chooses to go as every wicked witch rolled into one. The black hood, crooked nose, and fiendish cackle all add up to practically a stereotype. Let's be honest here, she's one broomstick away from being someone's Halloween decoration.

1 How Long Was Snow White in that Coffin?

When Snow White falls victim to the poisoned apple, we learn from a screen of text in the storybook that the dwarves put her in a glass coffin because they couldn't bear to bury her. As we read this, we see the tree and flowers behind the text change from spring to winter before the final scene of the movie.

That makes us wonder, how long was she in that glass box? Snow White might have been in there for a year before the wall-jumping prince came by with true love's kiss. That being said, it does give us the much needed happy ending, we might just chalk it up to Disney magic on this one.

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