Gal Gadot Kisses Kate McKinnon in Wonder Woman's SNL Sketch

Aidy Bryant, Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live (Image - NBC)

Justice League star Gal Gadot kissed cast member Kate McKinnon in a sketch spoofing Wonder Woman on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. It doesn't come as a big surprise that SNL featured a sketch lampooning Diana, princess of the Amazons, given the film's worldwide blockbuster success following its release in June. Not only was it the summer's top-grossing film, it also eclipsed the $800 million mark in global ticket sales. And the celebration of the film's success might not be over just yet; Warner Bros. is making a push for the DC Extended Universe film this awards season.

With Gadot being one of the biggest stars on the planet at the moment and with the release of Justice League a little over a month away, it only made sense that SNL recruited her to host the hit comedy sketch show for the first time. And while Gadot took part in a faux TV spot poking fun at the Kardashians, and was featured in another as woman who didn't realize that she was on a dinner date with the just-sprung-from-prison O.J. Simpson (Keenan Thompson), fans all but knew that Gadot in the guise of Wonder Woman would turn up at some point during the show; and when she did, showrunner Lorne Michaels and the cast clearly wanted to make sure that the sketch was memorable.

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In the sketch, which was also released online by SNL, Diana and her fellow Amazonian warriors are on the island of Themyscira, but instead of Steve Trevor being pulled ashore during World War I, a pair of modernly-dressed lesbians end up there on a rowboat. Played by McKinnon and fellow cast member Aidy Bryant, the women are instantly flabbergasted by the new company they've found themselves in, which leads Bryant's character Megan to explain, after spending a quite a bit of time on the ocean,"It looks like we've found a whole island of us." Sensing that the Diana and her fellow Amazons were unaware of what Megan meant, McKinnon's character, Dre, says, "Alright, I guess I'll just cut to the chase: Show of hands, who all here is a lez?"

Aidy Bryant, Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live (Image - NBC)

Following several funny exchanges of dialogue throughout the sketch, Diana comes to the realization, "Maybe I should kiss one of you and see if I feel something?" and after planting a few long kisses on Dre, she says, “I feel nothing.”

Since McKinnon – who is easily one of the most high-profile cast members on the show at the moment – has been open about her sexuality since becoming a key player on SNL, it's great to see that she's not afraid to poke fun at herself effectively with the sketch. Gadot likewise is game, showing how she's happy to spoof her now iconic portrayal.

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Source: SNL

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