SNL: Princess Fey Helps Felicity Jones in Star Wars-Themed Monologue

SNL - Kenan Thompson, Felicity Jones, and Tina Fey

Having been in existence since 1975, Saturday Night Live often gets by on keeping up with the latest pop culture and political events. Mileage may vary based on how this influences the show's quality, but either way, it manages to give it a uniquely encapsulated view of the past 37 years. Recently the show has thrived on the drama surrounding the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath, but that doesn't mean they've lost sight of the hottest pop culture event of the year. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story just passed Finding Dory's domestic box office to become the biggest movie of 2016, and only dropped out of the #1 slot in theaters after 5 weeks in the box office. Just in case some folks missed it, Rogue One lead actress Felicity Jones appeared on SNL this week as a guest host.

Last night's episode didn't stray from leaning into politics, with a cold open that focused on Donald Trump's recent press conference. But after that, the cast took almost no time before reminding the audience about Jones' Star Wars connections.

Jones only just has a moment to describe her role in the film, before Kenan Thompson, dressed as Rogue One character Saw Gerrera, introduces an "old friend" to help her with her hosting duties. Tina Fey appears in hologram form, dressed in Princess Leia-esque robes, reminding Jones to do her best, no matter what the reviews say.

JONES: Does this show get reviewed?

FEY: "Yes, way too much. Also, no matter how it goes, the President of the United States will say that it’s sad and overrated."

JONES: "The President?"

FEY: "Yeah, the President! It’s fine, no one cares."

SNL - Kenan Thompson, Felicity Jones, and Tina Fey

It's no secret that president-elect Trump has been lashing out at SNL on Twitter since Alec Baldwin began depicting him in the run-up to the election. In predictable form, he called SNL "overrated," an odd criticism against a show which seems as prone to self-deprecating humor as anything else. In fact, Fey immediately followed with an explanation about just a few of the show's dirty-little-secrets.

“If Leslie Jones suddenly appears at the end of a sketch acting vaguely horny and angry at everybody, it means the writers couldn’t think of an ending.”

Considering Tina Fey's entire career has revolved around not taking herself too seriously (30 Rock basically made a joke of her entire career as head writer of SNL), she's probably the perfect strong female lead to guide Jones into the world of sketch comedy. That said, it's too bad Jones didn't get to be the "funny one" during her own monolog.

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