SNL's Michael Che & Colin Jost to Compete in WrestleMania Battle Royal

Colin Jost and Michael Che hosting Weekend Update on SNL

In the long tradition of celebrity involvement at WrestleMania, SNL's Weekend Update hosts Michael Che & Colin Jost will compete in a battle royal. Che and Jost's role at WrestleMania was first teased when they made an appearance on a recent episode of WWE Raw, which saw them run afoul of gargantuan superstar "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman. The following week saw Che and Jost present Strowman with a car as a peace offering, only for the colossal bruiser to rip it to pieces.

On last Monday's WWE Raw, Strowman made it clear that he planned to impose his physical will on Che and Jost at WrestleMania, should they disrespect him again. The two SNL performers had been announced as "special correspondents" for the annual spectacular. To try and guarantee their safety, WrestleMania host Alexa Bliss asked Strowman if she could mediate the situation, leading to tonight's broadcast of Raw. Needless to say, things didn't get cooled off, not even a little bit.

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Strowman, Che, and Jost all appeared as part of Bliss' "A Moment of Bliss" talk show, and instead of defusing the tension between them, Bliss escalated it. Now, Che and Jost are set to take part in WrestleMania's Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and Strowman is actively looking forward to making the two comedians "get these hands."

While it's a bit sad that despite his immense popularity with the fans, Strowman is being stuck in the annual battle royal match that mostly exists to get everyone a Wrestlemania paycheck, at least involving Che and Jost puts Strowman in a bigger spotlight. If nothing else, the SNL cast members being involved likely ensures that the Andre the Giant battle royal won't be shunted to the pre-show this year. It's hard to believe that either Che or Jost will be willing to get tossed around much by Strowman, but they'll hopefully manage to make their interaction with him funny, since that's their job after all.

Che and Jost getting in the ring might be a silly idea, but they're far from the first celebrity to step into the pro wrestling ring, even at WrestleMania. A-Team actor Mr. T teamed up with Hulk Hogan at WWE's first ever WrestleMania, while NFL hall of famer Lawrence Taylor took on Bam Bam Bigelow at WrestleMania X. TV host Maria Menounos teamed up with Kelly Kelly at WrestleMania XXVIII, while Snooki from Jersey Shore teamed up with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania XXVII. President Donald Trump even got physical at WrestleMania XXIII, although he didn't technically compete. He did, however, take an awful Stone Cold Stunner.

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