SNL Clip: Kristen Stewart Roasts Donald Trump

Kristen Stewart hosts SNL

Many an individual has found themselves on the receiving end of a Twitter tirade by Donald J. Trump. One of Trump's more surprising victims back in the day was actress Kristen Stewart, who found herself on the wrong end of several Donald Trump tweets during the whole Robert Pattinson saga. Trump was team RPatz all the way, and hammered Stewart for cheating on her former Twilight star and boyfriend.

Fast forward to 2017 and both Trump and Stewart are in very different places. Stewart has moved on from Twilight (and Pattinson) to become an acclaimed actress in indie circles, while Trump has moved into the Oval Office. When Stewart took the stage as host of Trump's least-favorite show Saturday Night Live last night, she just had to reach back into the Twitter archives and pull up Trump's bizarre and seemingly obsessive tweets about her and Pattinson.

During Stewart's Saturday Night Live intro (via TV Guide), the actress jokes about becoming the object of Trump's seemingly obsessive interest. Stewart says the now-president tweeted about her no fewer than eleven times, proving that Stewart is clearly not one of Trump's favorite people. But Stewart says Trump probably hates her even more now because "I'm hosting SNL, and I'm like so gay, dude."

Personal Shopper - Kristen Stewart as Maureen Cartwright

Since we know Trump can't resist sitting up to watch SNL, it's certain that he caught Stewart and her jokes regarding his tweets. Stewart is, of course, not the only big Hollywood star to land on Trump's hate list. Meryl Streep took a prominent position on that list after her impassioned speech about him during the Golden Globes (Mark Hamill amusingly narrated Trump's Twitter response as the Joker). Trump also has an ongoing feud with Alec Baldwin, whose impersonation of Trump has graced SNL multiple times over recent months. And Baldwin will no doubt be bringing his Trump impression out again when he hosts SNL later in February.

Stewart's Trump bashing was pretty light compared to some of what has been going on in Hollywood since he won the election. Trump can probably expect to receive much harsher treatment when Hollywood assembles for the Oscars on February 26th, 2017. Lady Gaga might have a few things to say about Trump as well when she performs at halftime of the Super Bowl. Everybody wants their chance to take a shot at the president (except South Park).

Kristen Stewart meanwhile will be opening her new movie Personal Shopper in American cinemas starting March 10th, 2017. A trailer for the movie promises an eerie supernatural thriller. However strange things get in Personal Shopper, it can't be anywhere near as weird as being called out for cheating on your boyfriend on Twitter by a man three times your age.

Source: Saturday Night Live (via TV Guide)

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