SNL Parodies Jordan Peele's Us With Fake Discover Card Commercial

SNL's Us Parody Commercial

The latest episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live featured a sketch that parodied Jordan Peele's recent psychological horror film Us. The long-running comedy show included a sketch that mashed up the Discover card commercials with the Academy Award-winning director's sophomore feature, which has been receiving mostly positive reviews. Since its release, Us has been a hit at the box office, and scored the biggest opening weekend for an original horror movie.

Us follows the Wilson family as they return to the childhood beach home of the matriarch, Adelaide (Lupita Nyong'o) for a family vacation in Santa Cruz, California. Their family getaway quickly becomes a night of terror when doppelgangers invade their house. These doppelgangers, who are referred to as "The Tethered," are dressed in red jumpsuits, leather gloves, and come equipped with a pair of gold scissors. While most of them are unable to communicate, Adelaide's doppelganger Red is able to speak in a raspy voice. The sketch from Saturday Night Live re-imagines that raspy voice with featured player Ego Nwodim.

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Last night's Saturday Night Live sketch featured Nwodim in a fake Discover Card commercial that parodied Peele's recent film. Nwodim, who channels Adelaide during the sketch, discovers some unauthorized charges on her Discover card. This leads to her making a call to the company, but on the other end is her tethered doppelganger. Nwodim's doppelganger speaks to her in a near-identical raspy voice, as Nwodim tells her about purchases of red jumpsuits, rabbits, motorcycle gloves, and giant scissors. Of course, this is a slight twist on the usual Discover Card commercial that features real people talking to themselves about their finances. The full sketch can be seen below:

Peele, who comes from a comedic background, will surely appreciate SNL's take on his recent box office hit. Over the years, SNL has parodied dozens of hit films and TV series, such as Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Friends, and Harry Potter. And, while Nyong'o could be considered for another Oscar for her tour de force performance as Adelaide and her menacing doppelganger Red, she may have competition from Nwodim, who gives a hysterical yet believable portrayal as a member of "The Tethered".

While the sinister doppelgangers in Us are not intended to be taken lightly, SNL's version will surely spark laughter among viewers. Also, it seems the Discover Card tie-in could be poking fun at how the doppelgangers managed to afford all the equipment they possessed. With the film already being considered another hit for Peele, and with a skit now on SNL, this should only draw more attention to it as more people venture out to see Us in theaters.

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