Pete Davidson Jokingly Makes Joker Talkshow Threat On SNL

Saturday Night Live Pete Davidson Joker

Comedian Pete Davidson jokingly makes a Joker-inspired threat on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. The regular cast member returned to the sketch comedy series after filming scenes for the upcoming DCEU film The Suicide Squad. On Saturday Night Live, Davidson briefly mentions Joker, a film about a social outcast who seeks revenge on bullies.

Last year, during Saturday Night Live season 44, Davidson often spoke about mental health issues during the Weekend Update segment. In addition, he often referenced his personal life, including a highly publicized relationship with singer Ariana Grande. Davidson also received backlash for mocking politician and war veteran Dan Crenshaw, who later appeared on Saturday Night Live for a conversation with the controversial cast member.

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Davidson appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to discuss sexually transmitted diseases, but the clip ends with a passive-aggressive joke about revenge. The comedic segment begins with Davidson casually discussing sexual activity amongst dating application users, and poking fun at his public persona. Davidson often “breaks” during the appearance, laughing at his own jokes or perhaps the nature of the conversation itself. After a nearly three-minute commentary, Davidson informs Jost that he’s aware of the host’s previous “gentle little ribbing,” a past joke about his image. The comedian then references a moment from Joker’s television-themed climax, and tells Jost, “I think you should start being way nicer to me… I’m serious.” Jost laughs and appears to congratulate Davidson for his performance while the Weekend Update theme music kicks in. Watch the Saturday Night Live clip below.

Awkward as the Weekend Update moment may seem, it aligns with Davidson’s comedic approach. He typically speaks about his public image and his reality, and then infuses tragicomedy for a surrealistic slant. As a result, Davidson appears relatable one minute and edgy the next, leaving the audience (and peers) wondering about what’s real and what’s not. In 2019 alone, Davidson was part of four feature films, including a voice role as Jerry Eagle in The Angry Birds Movie 2. He’ll appear next in The Jesus Rolls and a still-untitled Judd Apatow film, in which he headlines the main cast. The Suicide Squad is currently scheduled for a 2021 release. 

Once known as Saturday Night Live’s token millennial punching bag, Davidson has slowly but surely evolved into one of the series’ most intriguing cast members. He doesn’t receive much air time in traditional sketches, but has built a strong career foundation elsewhere for when he ultimately leaves the show. Based on Davidson’s Joker jab on Saturday Night Live, he seems invested in sustaining his public image. 

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