Adam Sandler Pays Touching Musical Tribute to Chris Farley on SNL

Adam Sandler's Tribute To Chris Farley On SNL

Adam Sandler's return to Saturday Night Live ended with a touching musical tribute to his co-star and friend, the late Chris Farley. A cast member on SNL beginning in 1991, Sandler became one of the most popular performers on the sketch comedy show during the early 1990s, thanks in large part to his array of silly characters including Opera Man, Canteen Boy and Cajun Man. Sandler would eventually be fired from the show despite his popularity, but would then go on to launch a huge movie career, becoming one of the biggest box office draws in comedy films throughout the late 1990s before eventually ending up as a Netflix staple (he's set to appear in another Netflix movie later this year, co-starring with Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery).

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At the same time that Sandler was ascending to stardom on SNL, Chris Farley was also carving out his own legacy as one of the show's funniest performers. Following in the footsteps of John Belushi, Farley used his large physical size and even larger personality to create some of the show's most memorably hilarious moments, including the immortal Matt Foley sketch featuring the iconic "living in a van down by the river" line. Sadly, Farley would also follow in the footsteps of his hero Belushi by living fast and dying young, passing away in 1997.

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When Sandler returned to Saturday Night Live last night for his first appearance since being fired way back in 1995, he made sure his old friend and fellow fired cast member Chris Farley was also part of the proceedings, performing a touching tribute to Farley to wrap up the show (he originally debuted the song during his Netflix comedy special 100% Fresh). See the performance below:

Sandler's Bruce Springsteen-like song not only pays tribute to Farley's many beloved SNL characters, it also drops some interesting behind-the-scenes stories about Farley, including how the hard-living actor would drink an entire bottle of Jack Daniels after a show and then stick the bottle in an interesting place. Things get very raw when Sandler sings about the last time he hung out with Farley, at fellow SNL cast-member Tim Meadows' wedding, then a few months later found himself flying to Madison, Wisconsin to attend Farley's funeral. Sandler also sings of how when people ask him who was the funniest person he ever met, he says it was Farley.

Sandler of course is known for his comedic musical performances, but in this case he skillfully blended the funny with the genuinely touching, giving his old friend and Saturday Night Live castmate Farley a very fitting and memorable musical tribute. Farley may be long since gone, but he'll never be forgotten.

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